How Prices For These Family Fun Cruises Compare to Disney

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You should  consider this as “Part 2” of “Cruise For Cheaper Than Disney….

The chart below provides a more concrete snapshot of how prices compare across the cruises discussed in Part 1.  For comparison purposes, we focused on 7 day Caribbean itineraries that depart from Florida.  We obtained pricing for both a sample summer cruise and a sample holiday cruise. The chart shows prices listed on the respective cruise line website on May 15, 2017. Prices include taxes and fees.

Except where noted, these prices are for ocean view balcony staterooms for 4 people.  The chart provides an additional price point  for the Norwegian Escape mini-suites. Based on square footage, the Norwegian mini-suites are comparable in size the balcony rooms for the other ships discussed.

Because Carnival Vista offered only an 8 day cruise and a 6 day cruise for the time period examined, the chart also presents additional comparison information for a Carnival Cruise that sails a comparable 7 day itinerary. Read More …

Cruise For Cheaper Than Disney On These Fun Family Favorites

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Color Cartoon of Fun Cruise Ship(Updated May 10, 2018)

When many people first consider taking their family on a fun cruise, a Disney Cruise probably pops to mind.  For years, Disney has set the platinum standard for quality family entertainment.  And, Disney particularly excels when it comes to young children. But, for many folks, a quick visit to the Disney Cruise website may deliver painful sticker shock. Disney often lists its cruises at prices nearly double those of many other major cruise lines. (For a price comparison snap shot see here).  No doubt about it: A Disney Cruise has lots of bells and whistles with its outstanding facilities, top-notch family accommodations and high quality programs.  But, those bells and whistles come with a premium price tag.

If a Disney Cruise isn’t quite in your budget right now, don’t despair. You can still sail on a fun cruise with your family. The more budget-friendly options listed below have lots of wow factors and kid appeal that you can consider instead. Granted, they won’t have Mickey and Minnie (or all of the princesses).  But, they still offer a wide variety of things to keep your family happily entertained.

Fun Cruise No. 1: RC Harmony of the Seas

Harmony of the Seas is the newest ship from Royal Caribbean.  It currently holds the title as the world’s largest cruise ship sailing. Of all of the cruises that are colorable alternatives to a Disney cruise, this fun cruise rests at the top of the list. Like Disney, it features numerous characters from family movies that children love. Through Royal Caribbean’s partnership with DreamWorks studios, it offers numerous character experiences with characters from movies such as Shrek, Madagascar, and Trolls. (On some ships, Royal Caribbean has also featured characters from Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon, and Home (coming soon).) Similar to the Disney Cruise line-up, activities include character dining, live shows,  character parades, 3D movies and special activities in the kids’ clubs.  Families may also join numerous photo opportunities throughout the cruise. Read More …

5 Strategies To Keep Seasickness From Ruining Your Family Cruise

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One of the most frequent objections that I hear when I am trying to recruit new people to cruising is a fear of seasickness. That is obviously a legitimate concern. Anyone can get motion sickness under certain circumstances. And the categories of people who are identified as being most likely to get motion sickness are relatively broad: children ages 5 to 12; older adults; women, particularly if menstruating; and migraine sufferers.

A bout of seasickness can easily turn what should be a relaxing dream cruise vacation into a wee bit of a nightmare. Here are some strategies for avoiding this particular type of motion sickness, and also for addressing it quickly, if it should occur.

  1. Choose the Right Cruise.

This means choosing the right size ship sailing on the right itinerary. There are certain ships and certain itineraries that are less likely to trigger seasickness. Read more here.

  1. Choose the Right Stateroom.

As with selecting a ship that is less likely to provide a rocky ride, you can select a stateroom that is also less likely to experience obvious rockiness. Think stability. The closer to the middle and the closer to the water line you are, the less movement you will experience.

Read More …