Remarkable Reasons to Add Antartica To Any Family Cruise Bucket List

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If the breathtaking cover photo alone isn’t enough, read on to see if you should add this cruise to your family’s longterm bucket list.  Hands holding sign Bucket List sign

Note that the cruise line featured in this article, Lindblad Expeditions, is one of the dozens of cruise lines included in our Reference Guide to Cruise Line Youth Programs & Policies.  Available for free download here.  Read more about our Reference Guide here.


Why Expedition Travel is the Ultimate Educational Adventure for Families

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Family Cruisers: Use This Easy Tool to Quickly Weed Through Dozens of Cruise Lines

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Once you start perusing options for a family cruise, you may quickly become overwhelmed.  Once you factor in all of the different cruise lines, various size and types of ships, and all the potential ports and destinations, literally hundreds of potentially viable options emerge.  Comparing all of these options can be daunting.  So, we have developed a tool to help.  

drawing of mom shrugging hands in confusionWe have compiled a 28 page e-booklet to help you quickly compare cruise lines.  We designed the comprehensive Family Cruise Companion’s Reference Guide to Cruise Line Youth Programs & Policies to assist families in their efforts to assess the various options and decide which cruises could be a good fit for their family.  You may download a free copy here.

The Typical Short List For Planning a Family Cruise

A handful of cruise lines are routinely recognized as being family friendly.  A review of the numerous travel publications and blogs available generally yields a consensus view as to the most family-friendly cruises: Disney, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Norwegian (NCL). High marks often also go to Celebrity, Holland America, and Princess. (Focusing on U.S.-based market.) (You can find a comparison of some these top family cruise lines here.)

Anyone looking to plan a family cruise could safely start by taking a look at what those lines have to offer.  And, it would also be a safe strategy to focus on the larger ships among those lines.  In recent years, the major cruise lines have been rolling out larger jumbo mega-ships that can hold 4,000-5,000+ passengers plus a crew of 1500-2000.  The newer mega-ships have been designed and built with dedicated facilities and activities for children.  Offerings may include elaborate water parks, rock climbing, zip lines, bumper cars, ice and roller-skating, surf simulators, 3D movie theaters, and much more.  Read More …

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Three Essential Things Families Should Know About Cruise Insurance

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cruise insurance policy represented by model ship atop insurance policyWhen you make your cruise reservations, you will almost certainly be offered the opportunity to purchase travel insurance – whether you book through a travel agent, an internet site, or directly from the cruise line. You may be tempted to save a few dollars by skipping the optional cruise insurance. These are three things you should know when making that decision.

(1) It Is Definitely Worth It To Buy Cruise Insurance.

As a general rule, it is always worth it to buy some type of cruise insurance. The expense that you would likely incur if you had to cancel or interrupt your trip would far exceed the premium amount for a reasonable cruise insurance policy. Once you have made cruise reservations for your entire family, you will likely have run up a meaningful bill– likely thousands of dollars.  (See recent summary on prices of various family cruises.) Most cruises are fully refundable until the final payment date.  That date, however, typically falls 90 days in advance of the cruise.  If you cancel after the final payment date, you will incur  a monetary penalty.  The penalty increases the closer you get to embarkation date – anywhere from 25% to 100 percent.

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