Introducing Our New Essential Resource On How To Cruise With A Baby

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Check out our new Resource Page for families seeking advice about going on a cruise with their baby or toddler.  Generally, we have a very positive view on cruising with babies and toddlers.  So, we create all of our posts and articles from that standpoint.  Cruising with a baby or toddler can be a fun and easy vacation for the entire family.  But, parents understandably get nervous when considering going on a cruise with their baby or toddler for the first time.  So, to help with that, we have made all of our best advice on this topic easily accessible on one page.  Armed with essential information for planning a family cruise with a baby or toddler, you can sail forward with confidence towards a fun family cruise that includes your entire family.

resource page-illustration of babies and toddlers on beach
On our Resource Page, you will find information about:
  • What You Need To Know when planning a cruise with a baby
  • Choosing the best family cruise for a baby
  • What to take on a family cruise with a baby
  • Finding affordable options for cruising with a baby

Please click through to our Resource Page to learn all of the essential information that you will need for cruising with babies and toddlers.

We will continue to add to this resource page as new posts and articles are published.  If you have a particular topic or issue that you would like to learn more about, please leave a comment below.

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5 Reasons To Reject Hostility To Taking Babies On Cruises

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I am always dismayed at folks who actively discourage other people from taking their babies or toddlers on a cruise.  You see it all the time in the various cruise-related internet groups.  It usually starts with some prospective traveller innocently posing a question about taking babies on cruises.  A slew of negative responses often follows.  Notably, most of the naysayers usually have never themselves traveled on a cruise with young children.  

colored illustration of 3 parents taking babies on cruises

You will usually see the same objections.  Some people assert that you won’t be able to have any fun because you’ll be chained to your room during evenings and bedtime.  Or, that your kid won’t enjoy it because there aren’t any activities for babies and toddlers.  Or, they will be unhappy with no access to water play if they are still in diapers.  Yet others claim that you will feel uncomfortable because you will be annoying all those other cruisers.  Or, that it’s a waste of money taking babies on cruises because they won’t remember any of it.  

Hogwash to all of it!  Granted, not every baby or toddler will do well on a cruise, just like not every adult does well on a cruise.  But most people who contemplate taking babies on cruises can do just fine and have a wonderful time.  So, if you are struggling with negative feedback about your potential vacation choices, continue reading.  You will find here five great reasons to ignore those grumpy naysayers and sail on.
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Reduce To These Essential Baby Items On Your Family Cruise

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Illustration of numerous different items you could possibly pack when taking your baby on a cruise

Babies and toddlers are small people bundles who often require lots of stuff to get through a typical day.  One of the challenges of taking a cruise with a baby is figuring out how to accommodate all of that additional stuff without hauling a large steamer trunk onto the ship. Here are some tips on strategic packing when you cruise with a baby.  

You can make your packing easier by arriving at your port city early and buying some basic items at a local store.  (But you should do some research in advance to find out how far your preferred stores are from your hotel or the port.)  You can easily purchase many bulky items like diapers and wipes before you board (at major U.S. port cities).  This cuts down on your packing.  It also save you on checked luggage.  Since you will consume things like diapers, wipes and baby food on your trip, you shouldn’t have to worry about excess bags on your return trip.

If a pre-embarkation shopping trip does not mesh with your plans, then you should plan to pack everything that your baby or toddler will likely need on your trip.  Make a list identifying things that you would be very sad not to have for 3 days, e.g., items such as diapers, wipes, formula, and preferred baby medication.  You should not assume that you will have easy access to purchase necessary items that you forget or use up once you are onboard your ship.  Although you can often find usual sundries on board – they may quickly run out of your preferred item.  Also, you will not always be able to find what you want when you want at any given port.

When packing for a cruise with a baby, focus on packing these seven essential items to streamline your load. Read More …

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