Want To Know How To Plan An Awesome Family Cruise on Royal Caribbean?

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Would you like to know how to plan an awesome family cruise on Royal Caribbean? Then check out Elaine’s guest post on the Families Go! website. Just posted today you will find Royal Caribbean With Kids: 5 Planning Tips.

Elaine and her family have sailed on eight cruises with Royal Caribbean (and counting). From those years of experience, she has compiled all of her best tips to assist you with getting the most fun and value out of a Royal Caribbean family cruise.  

This comprehensive post provides tips on figuring out which of the cruise line’s 26 ships are best for your family. It also provides tips on choosing a great cabin. As well as insightful tips on dining options, which add-on purchases to grab, which ones to skip, and how to get great value for your money. Go read it now!


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Or, for more detailed guidance on planning an awesome family cruise, check out Elaine’s book, The Family Cruise Companion’s Guide to Cruising With Kids (available in print and digital at Amazon).

Absolutely The Best Family Cruise Ships For Toddlers

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Best Family Cruise Ships - Photo of Toddler sipping beverage on lounge chair by poolGiven the dozens of great cruise ships catering to families today, you can easily get overwhelmed with deciding which one will be the best fit for your family. And, if your family is traveling with a toddler, you may be particularly concerned about making the right choice. After all, a family vacation should be a vacation for each member of the family. The ship you select will have a huge impact on how much fun your family will have and how much work could be involved for you. You want to know that you and your kids, including your toddler, will be able to relax and have fun. Read on to learn what are the best family cruise ships for toddlers, and discover which ones are the best fit for your family.

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What Makes The Best Family Cruise Ships for Toddlers?

So, what criteria determine which cruise ships are the best family cruise ships for toddlers? First, this list focuses on ships that sail Caribbean itineraries. Caribbean itineraries are the easiest cruises to sail when you are just starting out cruising with young kids. Also, almost all cruise lines have age restrictions on non-Caribbean sailings. They require that passengers be at least 12 months old. While many toddlers obviously fall within that range, some don’t. Plus, for North American passengers, sailing a Caribbean itinerary means you can skip that really long flight to your embarkation port.  

Second, the best family cruise ships for toddlers should have a wide range of on-ship activities. You should know whether the ship has activities appropriate for toddlers. More specifically, can toddlers access the ship’s kids’ club? And, are there drop-off child care options? Also, are there character experiences? And, will you find a range of other activities that will appeal to all of the age groups in your family?

Third, how do the water activities stack up? All of the best family cruise ships should have pools, water slides, and/or splash park areas that are appropriate for young kids, including babies and toddlers.

Finally, what about toddlers that aren’t yet fully potty-trained? Will they be allowed in the youth centers? Will staff change diapers? Are there water activities available for them?

After reviewing all of the major family-friendly cruise lines, 13 ships met a sufficient number of these criteria to be included on this list.

The 5 Best of the Best Family Cruise Ships for Toddlers

Considering all of the identified factors, five cruise ships immediately pop to the top of the list. Read on to find out which ones those are and why.  Read More …

How To Actually Cruise With Swim Diapers

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Best cruises for toddlers in swim diapers - photo of diaper clad child with large pool toy If you are trying to plan a family cruise with a toddler who is not completely potty-trained, you are probably worried about your swimming options. And, if you aren’t, you should be! All major cruise ships offer an array of fun water activities that appeal to kids. But, most of them will not allow babies or toddlers in swim diapers to participate. So, one of the key challenges for finding the best cruises for toddlers is figuring out what restrictions will apply to your child if he or she is still in diapers. After all, you don’t want to show up and unexpectedly have your family banned from the pool. But information available online can be ambiguous, hard to find and/or out of date. So, to learn more about the best cruises for toddlers in swim diapers today, read on. 

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