This Week (Or So) In Family Cruising (10-30-17)

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Family Cruising Graphic - Busy Beach HarborHere are our highlights from around the web for the past week (or so) of interesting news and information relevant to family cruising.

Stay Safe Online While Family Cruising

Check out this article posted on Cruise Fever.  Things You Should Never Post Online Before or During Your Cruise. 

This article has some important tips and information about protecting you and your family from hackers, scammers, and other criminals.

Exciting Family Cruising News From Disney

Disney Cruises announced an exciting line up of cruises out of San Diego for the spring of 2019. Disney announced that its ship, Disney Wonder, will return to San Diego, California in early 2019 for an expanded season of voyages to Mexico.  The ship will sail a variety of two-, four-, five- and seven-night itineraries that include stops in such Mexican port towns as Ensenada, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan.

Check out these reports for more info:

Disney Cruise Line Expands San Diego Season & Returns to Popular Tropical Ports from Both Coasts in Early 2019

Disney expanding cruises from San Diego in 2019

And USA Today reports: Disney Cruise Line to expand voyages out of San Diego

Exciting Family Cruising News From Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean announced the imminent return of its ships to key Caribbean ports that had been hit hard by the recent chain of hurricanes.  Adventure of the Seas will return to St. Thomas on November 10.  (See press release.) And soon thereafter, Royal Caribbean ships will return to San Juan and St. Maarten.  (See blog post.)

Finally, Royal Caribbean has released a teaser promo about an upcoming “major reveal” on November 7.

Royal Caribbean hints at big reveal next week

Royal Caribbean Teases a Major Reveal on November 7th

No one seems to know what will be revealed, but most folks seem to think it will relate to new adventures on land.  Stay tuned!

That’s all for now.  Have a great weekend!

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Multigenerational Cruise International Style

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multigenerational cruising-child drawing of international cruise

We have published some recent posts about multigenerational cruising, and also posts exploring international cruise lines.  The slate of Norwegian cruises discussed in the article below hits both themes.  Although we did not mention Norwegian Cruise Line in our list of international cruise lines to check out, this particular China-based Norwegian ship fields a Chinese speaking crew.  So this could certainly provide more of an immersive experience than many cruises out of Hong Kong.

As an added bonus for the adventurous, the Norwegian Joy features a full-fledge go-kart track!

Check out this article from Cruise Industry News for more information.




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Cruise Boldly Where Few American Families Cruise On These International Cruise Lines

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explore the world with kids on these international cruises.

A cruise vacation provides the oft-touted benefit of easily visiting multiple places in a short time frame while only unpacking once.  Those benefits multiply when applied to exploring a whole continent such as Europe through international cruises.  Your family can easily see most of the best known attractions throughout Europe on a 7 to 14 day cruise without the stress of backpacking, train schedules or navigating internal flights.

Although several domestic cruise lines with well established quality kids’ programs routinely sail international routes, you could add an adventurous twist to your next family cruise by booking international cruises with an international cruise line.  And, several international cruise lines offer robust kids’ programs that can compete with domestic lines.  

Related Post: Family Cruisers: Use This Easy Tool to Quickly Weed Through Dozens of Cruise Lines

Sailing on an international cruise line instead of the more typical domestic lines can provide additional benefits of language and cultural immersion not readily found on your standard Carnival or Royal Caribbean cruise.  By taking a look at some of the international cruises offered by international cruise lines, it is possible to create a “mini” immersion/enrichment experience that suits your budget and style.  (For tips on how to enhance the cultural and educational experiences on your cruise, check out this article from U.S. News & World Report.)

Exploring international cruises can also  be a way to enhance a more extended land-based vacation with a cruise.  So, for instance, you could cruise with a German-based cruise line as part of a German/Switzerland grand tour.  Or, if you want to immerse your family in the cultures of the Iberian peninsula, you could incorporate a trip on a Spanish based cruise.  This same theory applies to international cruises focused on Asia, Australia and the South Pacific. Read More …

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