5 Strategies To Keep Seasickness From Ruining Your Family Cruise

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One of the most frequent objections that I hear when I am trying to recruit new people to cruising is a fear of seasickness. That is obviously a legitimate concern. Anyone can get motion sickness under certain circumstances. And the categories of people who are identified as being most likely to get motion sickness are relatively broad: children ages 5 to 12; older adults; women, particularly if menstruating; and migraine sufferers.

A bout of seasickness can easily turn what should be a relaxing dream cruise vacation into a wee bit of a nightmare. Here are some strategies for avoiding this particular type of motion sickness, and also for addressing it quickly, if it should occur.

  1. Choose the Right Cruise.

This means choosing the right size ship sailing on the right itinerary. There are certain ships and certain itineraries that are less likely to trigger seasickness. Read more here.

  1. Choose the Right Stateroom.

As with selecting a ship that is less likely to provide a rocky ride, you can select a stateroom that is also less likely to experience obvious rockiness. Think stability. The closer to the middle and the closer to the water line you are, the less movement you will experience.

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