Our Top 10 Reasons MSC Seaside Rocks Family Cruising

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Photo of new ship from MSC cruise line | MSC Seaside in Port at Ochos Rios
E. Warren/ MSC Seaside on 3-26-18

One of the newest big ships sailing this year comes from the Italian cruise line, MSC Cruises. Until now, our family has never sailed with the MSC cruise line. So, last June when they rolled out a fantastic sale for its upcoming new ship, MSC Seaside, it caught my eye. Great deal + new cool ship = sold! Although there were a few notable blips, overall this new ship provided a great cruise experience. And this could be a fantastic cruise vacation for many families. Read on to learn more about the most appealing highlights and a few words of caution.

1. MSC Seaside Offers Affordable Family Pricing. 

If you are cruising with your kids, you can get an amazing deal with MSC Cruises. Although some of the major cruise lines will occasionally offer a limited “kids sail free” promotion, MSC basically offers that pricing year round. And, this approach carries over with its newest ship. Read More …

Our Family Guide To Choosing A Cruise Cabin With Ease

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Assessing the difference between cruise cabins - photo features towel bunny on cabin bed
Shutterstock/Robert Schlie

When it comes to choosing a cruise cabin for your family, the multitude of stateroom options can seem overwhelming.  The type of cabin you choose will have the biggest impact on your family vacation budget. A family traveling in an inside cabin will likely pay thousands of dollars less than one traveling on the same ship, same itinerary in a balcony room or suite.  If you are trying to get the most value for your dollar when booking a cruise for your family vacation, there is no reason to buy more cruise room than you need. So how do you tell the difference between cruise cabins, and decide what’s best for your family? Follow this guide for quick tips on how to easily tell the difference between cruise cabins. And, discover the four questions you should answer to pick the best cruise cabin for your family.

Know These 4 Key Facts When Choosing A Cruise Cabin

To tell the difference between cruise cabins, you can basically separate all the different cabin categories into four boxes: inside, outside, balcony, and suite.  Different cruise lines may use different names but for practical purposes know that a cabin and a stateroom are the same thing. And, fyi, a balcony and a verandah are also the same thing. Read More …

7 Awesome Reasons Preschoolers Adore Harmony of the Seas

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Royal Caribbean offers great family cruises for kids on its Oasis class ships.  Currently, the newest and largest addition to the Oasis class is Harmony of the Seas (but that status will be eclipsed later this year with the addition of Symphony of the Seas).  As my family has always had a fantastic time on our multiple sailings on Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the seas,  we were eager to see how Harmony of the Seas compared to its sisters.  Bottom line, if you are looking for a great family cruise for kids, Harmony of the Seas has something to appeal to kids of all ages.  But, it earns particularly high marks for its preschool appeal (kids ages 4 and under).  Read on to learn 7 reasons why.

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1. Harmony Of The Seas Has Awesome New Water Play Options.

One of the biggest new attractions on Harmony is the trio of water slides known as the Perfect Storm. And, it also features a new 10-story dry slide, The Abyss. My kids were extremely excited by these features once they found out we would be sailing on Harmony of the Seas. They repeatedly clamored to watch Youtube videos showing off these new features.  

Photo of preschool child on Harmony of the Seas small waterslide
From my big kid’s perspective – the new attraction met all of his excited expectations.  He rode all of the slides multiple times throughout the week. My preschool child, however, was disappointed to learn that these new heavily promoted slides came with height restrictions. Restrictions that were just high enough to exclude a 4-year old cruiser.   Read More …