Our Ultimate Family Guide To Your Best Alaska Cruise

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Sail Your Best Alaska Cruise

You can quickly get overwhelmed researching how to plan the best Alaska cruise for your family. This guide will help you weed through volumes of information and focus on what’s really important to you.

So Why Cruise Alaska?

The massive glaciers and stunning marine wildlife provide a unique backdrop for a family cruise. The natural wildlife both in sea and on land is its own attraction – humpback whales, Orcas, sea otters, seals, sea lions, wild salmon, moose, grizzly, and polar bears. And, Alaska also has the largest population of bald eagles in the country. In addition to numerous wildlife viewing opportunities, you’ll find many outdoor adventures. Stunning mountain hikes, dog sledding, fishing, kayaking, and various helicopter excursions only scratch the surface of what’s available.

Very few cruise experiences can compare to the fun and excitement of an Alaskan cruise.  More than one million cruisers make that trip every year. And, more than half of the visitors to Alaska arrive by cruise ship. Not surprisingly, it is also a top destination choice for multigenerational family travel

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Alaska is one of the most exotic cruises you can take while still being in the United States (right up there with Hawaii). But, unlike Hawaii, Alaska’s vastness and unique topography make it quite challenging to master for the typical family traveler. It is literally frontier country. Millions of acres of untamed wilderness and only a smattering of cities/towns. And, some towns can only be reached by air or water.

So, a cruise may be the only viable option for most people for seeing Alaska. It is almost certainly the most affordable option. 


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5 Best Reasons Families Leave Kids On The Cruise Ship

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A primary benefit of a family vacation is having the opportunity to enjoy some quality family time together. But that does not mean that every minute of the vacation requires 100% togetherness. There may be several situations where it makes the most sense to split up. And, when it comes to visiting ports of call during a cruise vacation, there may be times where it’s better for everyone if you leave one or more of your kids on the cruise ship in port.  Know when it makes the most sense to have the kids skip the excursions.

First Confirm You Can Leave The Cruise Ship In Port Without Your Kids In Tow. 

As a preliminary matter, when deciding whether to leave your kids on the cruise ship in port, you will first need to know the applicable policies on leaving kids on board. More specifically, you’ll want to know whether the kids’ club will be open while the ship is in port. And, you’ll want to know whether the ship has policies requiring an adult to stay on the ship. Or, whether there may be extra fees involved. Read More …

24 Absolutely Useful Items You Need To Pack On Family Port Calls

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Family Cruise Port Calls | photo of family walking on pier back to shipWhen sailing a family cruise, odds are high that you will leave the ship during at least one of the ship’s port calls. Whether you are participating in a structured shore excursion or taking the DIY route, you want to make sure that you have what you need when leaving the ship to have a fun, stress-free day. This list of basic essential items will help you get maximum enjoyment during your family’s port calls. And, you will also have tools to address unexpected contingencies.

The first 15 items on this list apply for any of your shore trips. The remainder sections of the list break out the last 9 items into beach port calls and city port calls.


1. A Family Day Bag

Although different family members may have personal items that they cart around themselves, you should try to have one primary bag that houses all of your family essentials. It doesn’t necessarily mean one person carries it around all day. It can be a shared responsibility. But you benefit from having one primary consolidated bag because you can easily make sure that you have all the key items that you need for the day in one place. And this cuts down on inadvertently leaving key items behind. Also, this bag can conveniently be packed, or largely packed, the night before. So that you can get out the door faster and get the most use of your day in port.

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