Our Top Pool Safety Tips For Your Family Cruise

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The cruise ship pool area can be one of the most fun places on the ship for kids, particularly if you are sailing on one of the newer ships with awesome waterslides. (See this ship report for an example.) But one thing to keep in mind while you are indulging in all the fun that the cruise ship has to offer is water safety for kids.  As the high volume cruise season fast approaches, now is a good time to consider some basic pool safety tips and water safety for kids as you embark on your next family adventure.

While drownings on cruises do not occur frequently, it is still something that can and should be avoided.  Relaxing in a fun family-filled pool sailing across the ocean may seem like a relatively safe venue, but some vigilance remains necessary.  Follow these 5 pool safety tips to keep your kids and family safe.

1. Know the Actual Role of Cruise Ship Personnel.

A large cruise ship usually has thousands of personnel performing various functions designed to enhance your vacation experience. However, very few – if any – of them will be focused on your safety around the pool. Just because you see someone who appears to be “on duty” walking around the pool area, do not assume that person is a lifeguard. That person may be a monitor, attendant, or someone who is focused on attending to waterpark activities. They generally assist guests with non-urgent issues and enforce relevant rules. While some of the rules promote water safety for kids, these crew members are not necessarily professionally trained to aid people in distress.  And, more important, the focus of their job is not to actively watch the pool area for people in distress. Read More …

How To Improve Cabin Safety On Family Cruise With A Baby

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If you are planning to take a family cruise with a baby or toddler, you will likely be interested in some basic childproofing for your cruise cabin.  This does not have to be an elaborate operation.  We have set out a few simple steps that will help improve the overall cabin safety for your babies and toddlers.  And, most of these don’t involve potentially packing anything extra.

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