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Our Crew of Contributors!

Meet our Contributor Crew, a collection of cruise experts and enthusiasts eager to help you plan your ideal family cruise, providing tips, advice, and information to ensure your travel experiences are memorable and perfectly tailored to your family’s unique needs.

David Chapman


David Chapman is a seasoned international traveler with a diverse background in hospitality. He particularly loves cruising in Asia and the Mediterranean. With a philosophy of starting every interaction with a smile, he brings a blend of practical and personable insights to every travel tip.

Mona Marks


Mona loves group travel of all kinds, and she finds cruises are the perfect setting for that. A lifelong traveler, she loves the serenity of cruise spas and the lively camaraderie during onboard bingo.

Tyler Bowman


Tyler has sailed dozens of cruises, always with a keen eye for value. She loves getting the most fun out of the fewest dollars. She once managed to sail an entire cruise without springing for any significant add-ons. So, yes, it can be done! Tyler offers cruising insights that blend practicality with fun.