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Welcome to the “Cruise Planning” section of The Family Cruise Companion! Planning a cruise should be fun, not stressful, right? We’re here to make sure you and your family get ready for a super enjoyable trip without any headaches. This part of our website is all about helping you make those tricky decisions in an easy and simple way. We want your cruise to be relaxing and full of great memories from start to finish.

Planning a cruise can sometimes feel like a big job. There are so many choices to make, from figuring out how much money to spend, to picking the best room, and deciding where to go. But don’t worry!

Here, we break down all the big cruise planning stuff into easy steps and helpful tips.

Below, you will find our 20 (or so) most recent articles on cruise planning. To see all of the articles in this category, please visit the Cruise Planning archives.