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6 Cruising With Baby Tips: Sail With Confidence!

Are you intimidated at the prospect of cruising with a baby? Fear not! By following our cruising with baby tips, you and your baby can sail with ease. These are six essential steps that you can follow – listed in short-hand form. For more detail, click through to our complete guide on cruising with a baby.Going on a cruise with a baby - color graphic of babies in front of cruise ship image

  1. Choose a cruise line that offers infant childcare in some form.

Although most ships don’t start providing drop off kids’ programming until age three, many ships do offer some type of infant care for at least a few hours a day. Check out this post on finding cruises with childcare for babies.

  1. Reserve a stateroom that has an option for some kind of privacy.

This will allow you to still be up and about enjoying yourself while your baby naps or after she goes to bed for the night.

  1. Pack more diapers, wipes and baby food than you think you could possibly use.

When cruising with a baby, you do not want to run the risk of running out of critical baby supplies. It is very likely that the ship will not sell them on board, or the ship could sell out.

  1. Take your own bottlebrush and dish soap.

If you have reason to use a bottlebrush at home – for baby bottles, toddler cups, or related items – you should bring one with you to the ship, and also a small bottle of dish soap.

  1. If your baby is mobile, bring along a roll of duct tape.

A roll of duct tape can provide all kinds of child-proofing if you have a baby who can crawl or walk on his own steam.

  1. Leave your deluxe oversized stroller at home.

You will most likely want to bring a stroller (unless you are on a ship that rents them out).  It should be a lightweight one that can fold easily. (Check out our post on the essential items to pack for a baby on a cruise.)


Don’t let misplaced anxiety stop you from having a fantastic family vacation cruising with a baby.

Download our printable Prep & Pack checklist that is filled with tips and strategies to help you get ready to take your baby on a cruise.  Get your free copy now!


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