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Insights on Tipping Extra on a Cruise

🚢💸 Should You Tip Extra on a Cruise? Discover 7 Key Insights Before You Sail! 💸🚢

These are the top-level tidbits to know about tipping extra on a cruise. For a deeper dive, visit Should You Tip Extra on a Cruise.

Tipping on a cruise can be a bit of a mystery. While auto-gratuity makes it easy, sometimes exceptional service deserves a little extra. Here’s what you need to know about tipping extra during your voyage:

1. Understanding Auto-Gratuity

Most cruises include an auto-gratuity fee to cover general service. This means you don’t need to worry about tipping for every drink or meal, but what about exceptional service?

2. Rewarding Exceptional Service

Consider tipping extra for staff who go above and beyond. Whether it’s your cabin steward who keeps your room spotless or your waiter who remembers your special requests every night, a little extra shows your appreciation.

3. Who Typically Receives Extra Tips?

Cabin stewards and dining staff are at the forefront of service and greatly appreciate additional tips for their hard work and long hours.

4. Special Circumstances

If your service needs are higher than average—perhaps due to young children or special requests—it’s thoughtful to recognize the extra effort with a tip.

5. Service Areas Where Tips Are Not Expected

It’s not customary to tip the captain, cruise director, or ship engineers. Their professional salaries cover their services, and they do not expect extra from passengers.

6. Appreciated But Not Expected

Some staff, like kids club workers, don’t typically expect tips but will value the gesture, especially for outstanding service or after-hours care.

7. Alternatives to Tipping

If you prefer not to tip with cash, providing positive feedback through comment cards or direct compliments to supervisors can also significantly benefit hardworking staff.

Planning your next cruise? 🛳️ Keep these tips in mind to ensure your gratitude is shown where it’s most appreciated.

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