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You’ll Relish These Fun Excursions At Roatan Honduras Cruise Port

Home to legendary buccaneers, pristine beaches, turquoise water, lush tropical forests, and cuddly sloughs, the Roatan Honduras Cruise Port is an island paradise and a bucket list destination! Read on for our tips on how to spend the day here on your next family cruise.

Overview Of Roatan Honduras

The idyllic Roatan Honduras cruise port is situated in the western Caribbean on the Honduras north coast, between the Guanaja and Utila islands, with lush tropical forests, wildlife, golden beaches, and enchanting villages dotted along the way. 

Home to the largest, and most spectacular barrier reef in the entire northern hemisphere, the island is a mere 40 miles long and only 3miles wide, with tropical temperatures ranging from 77°F-89.6°F.

Coxen Hole is the island’s capital with spectacular south coast regions like Flowers Bay, Pensacola Gravel Bay, West Bay, Sandy Bay, and West End, including the picturesque French Harbour, Jonesville, Mount Pleasant, and Punta Gorda.

Roatan Honduras Cruise Port

The Roatan cruise port is steeped in history and hides a colorful past that dates to 1502 when Christopher Columbus first set foot on the island, and it subsequently became a base for 5000 adventurous pirates like the legendary Sir Henry Morgan and Captain John Coxen

Sadly, most of the island’s original inhabitants were wiped out by European diseases during the 16th century, and Roatan was embroiled in a historic tug of war between Britain and Spain well into the 19th century when it was finally awarded to Honduras.

Today Roatan is a thriving community famed for its all-year-round sun-drenched tropical climate, breathtaking beaches, shimmery aqua water, and warm and welcoming people.

Top Things To Do In Roatan Honduras Cruise Port

Renowned for its spectacular natural beauty, Roatan cruise port is a tropical paradise just waiting to be explored! So, here are the most awesome things to do in Roatan as soon as you step on shore. 

Go Scuba Diving

Roatan, with its rainbow-hued barrier reef, tiny orange sea horses, colorful pipe fish, and sea turtles, is a prime scuba diving destination, and you don’t have to be a certified scuba diver to enjoy the ocean’s magnificent bounty.

While there are several great diving shops in the area, the award-winning Roatan Divers, situated on the island’s West End, caters to divers with all levels of experience, so you never have to miss out on that once-in-a-lifetime thrill!

Enjoy A Monkeys And Sloths Tour

AJ’s Monkeys and Sloths Tour is one of those rare animal sanctuaries where you can enjoy up-close encounters with amazing tropical animals in their natural habitat.

Where else can you hug a gentle sleepy sloth, gape at the antics of the little tropical monkeys and yellow-hued parrots, or feed a Red Scarlett Macaw from the palm of your hand? No wonder it is such a popular tour!

Zip-Line In The Gumbalimba Park

Nothing beats the sheer thrill of gliding through a canopy of trees with the wind in your hair, like the Gumbalimba Park’s famous Monkey Trail Canopy zip-lining tour!

With 17 tree platforms that stretch up to 60 feet high amongst the tree canopies and 13 cable stretches between the various tree stations, zip-lining is the best way to enjoy the botanical park’s mesmerizing vistas of the spectacular Caribbean Sea and the Roatan cruise port.

However, you don’t have to be a thrill seeker to enjoy the park’s water activities or outstanding wildlife that includes Capuchin monkeys, exotic birds, iguanas, and lizards, an insectarium, including lush jungle nature trails, tropical flowers, butterflies, waterfalls, and native plant species.

Visit Punta Gorda

The town of Punta Gorda is a must-see for anyone interested in the local culture. The indigenous Garifuna people live in this largely rural area where they have their own distinct traditions that blend African, Island Carib heritage with European and Arawak Indian influences. 

Roatan Honduras Cruise Port | Garifuna dancers in Punta Gorda
Garifuna dancers in Punta Gorda, Honduras (E. Warren 2022)

Watch performances by Garifuna dancers and join in if you’re feeling adventurous. There are also plenty of delicious treats on offer including coconut candy, “machuca” mash, and cassava bread.

Beaches Near Roatan Honduras Cruise Port

If you are looking for Instagram-worthy beaches near the Roatan cruise port – look no further! Here are the four most stunning beaches in the entire Roatan Honduras cruise port area, one of which is a best-kept-secret!

West Bay Beach

With its glimmering white beaches and turquoise-hued water, the award-winning West Bay Beach is an island paradise with incredible resorts where you can either sip on a cocktail sunbathing or experience the sheer thrill of parasailing.

Maya Key

If you don’t want to venture far, head to the magnificent Maya Key, a spectacular private island that is a stone’s trough away from the cruise pier.

This spectacular island features two pristine beaches perfect for snorkeling: a refreshing swimming pool, lush tropical pathways with exotic flora, an animal sanctuary, and an art exhibition center.

Little French Key

Little French Key might be small, but it packs a punch in the beach department and offers plenty not to be missed activities! 

With its inviting pristine beaches perfect for sunbathing, fun rope swings, horseback riding, jet ski rentals, a beachfront restaurant, including a one-of-a-kinds swimming bar, this all-inclusive beach resort ticks all the boxes!

Camp Bay Beach

Head over to the island’s best-kept secret, Camp Bay Beach, if you are looking for a romantic, secluded beach that few people know about!

While the beach is not easily accessible, with a bumpy taxi ride that might test your patience at times, you will be well rewarded with the most spectacular 2-mile-long beach you have ever seen, which is so secluded it might feel like your own tropical paradise!

Shopping In Roatan Cruise Port

The Roatan Town Center is one of the most centrally located places to shop (till you drop) in Roatan cruise port, with a great duty-free shop, including stores where you can purchase authentic Honduran gifts like chocolates, hand-rolled cigars, and island rum.

Other great buys include aromatic coffee, handmade jewelry, artwork, and the Roatan Marine Park shop, where you can support the island’s conservation efforts.

Other great shopping destinations for art lovers include the Waves of Art Gallery in the West End, the LaLa Gallery, and Garden Café in the West Bay, which also includes exquisite Guatemalan and Mexican art, including Rusty Fish stores for colorful pieces made with local recycled materials.

To stock up on your rum and chocolate supplies and taste the island’s finest delights, head over to the Roatan Rum Company, situated on West Bay Road, and the Roatan Chocolate Factory in Sandy Bay, where you can watch the magical process of creating these sweet treats.

Tips For Enjoying Your Time In Roatan

The best way to explore the entire Roatan Honduras Cruise port is with water taxis. However, if you must use cab rides, please do your homework, and find out the going rate, so you don’t have to pay ridiculous “tourist rates.”

ATMs are notoriously unreliable in Roatan; however, if you must draw cash in the West End, head to the PetroSun gas station, as they have two ATMs inside their store.

Most importantly, don’t drink any tap water or drinks with ice blocks as you may get sick; rather, stick to drinking reliable bottled water for the duration of your trip.


Now that you know more about this tropical paradise, let’s explore any lingering questions you may have about the idyllic Roatan Honduras cruise port.

What Language Is Spoken In Roatan?

While Roatan is in Honduras, where most of its inhabitants speak Spanish, the island’s primary language is English, like all its place names, which makes it easy to communicate when you are on the island.

Does Roatan Have A Lot Of Crime?

Even though mainland Honduras has a bad reputation for gang-related crimes, Roatan is vastly different as it depends on tourism.
Although the island is not prone to violent crimes, petty thefts may occur, which is not uncommon in any place in the world. So, keep an eye on your belongings.

Is Roatan A Tender Port?

The Port of Roatan, commonly known as the Town Center, has two terminals allowing for two docked ships; however, it can also accommodate four ship tenders. Most impressively, the port can tender up to 400 ship passengers in a mere 15 minutes.

Closing Thoughts

It’s not hard to find ways to spend your time in Roatan Honduras cruise port! Between lounging on pristine beaches, wildlife encounters, snorkeling, and tasting rum and chocolate, you’ll be spoiled for choice. We’re sure you’ll make some lasting memories in this tropical setting.

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