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7 Barcelona Hotels Near Cruise Port for Families

The Barcelona cruise port is one of the most popular embarkation ports in Europe. If you are embarking on a Mediterranean cruise from Barcelona, you will almost certainly need a hotel. And, hopefully, you have enough travel days either before or after your cruise to spend time actually enjoying the many charms that the city has to offer as part of your international family vacation. Are you looking to plan your next big cruise? For your consideration, we have compiled a list of hotels that are easily accessible to the cruise port that are popular with cruise travelers. Please keep reading for our list of seven top Barcelona hotels near cruise port!

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1. Hotel Alma Barcelona

If you want the convenience of staying near the cruise port and being close to top tourist attractions look no further than the Hotel Alma Barcelona. It is a modern boutique-style hotel with great amenities and excellent service!

Property Overview

Hotel Alma Barcelona is an ideal choice for families looking for the perfect balance between convenience, comfort, and affordability. With stunning views of the stunning Mediterranean coastline, this hotel provides guests with everything they could possibly need to enjoy their stay in Barcelona.

One of the main reasons why families may choose to stay at Hotel Alma Barcelona is its convenient location. Located within a short drive from the lively city center and all major attractions, including La Rambla and Parc Güell, it allows visitors easy access to explore the culture of this beautiful city without having too far away from home base.

While you may not think of booking a boutique hotel for your family, Hotel Alma Barcelona stands out both because of its price point and its room options for families

The rooms are relatively simple, but the lack of excessive furnishing gives your family room to breathe and makes them feel much bigger than they are. This hotel also utilizes a fingerprint system rather than the traditional keycard, making entry easy and secure. Plus, your kids may get a kick out of this modern convenience.

Key Features

The biggest key feature that Hotel Alma Barcelona offers is its premium service. The staff at this hotel is poised to cater to your every request. The hotel’s team is exceptional, and you can tell that the staff puts the utmost care into your experience.

The hotel also features a breakfast buffet included with the room. No need to search the city for a great breakfast spot; with plenty of options for the whole family, you can conveniently eat breakfast before you head out to sight-see or embark on your cruise. 

Room options for families of four include booking a family suite with two-bedroom areas with large double beds and a communal living area. Or, you can also book two adjoining rooms.

Free wifi is included, and airport transportation and valet parking are also available.

Special Features

Hotel Alma Barcelona features a formal restaurant: Chef Gio Esteve’s Jardin Del Alma. Do you want to treat your loved ones to a nice night out? Then this is your opportunity. This restaurant is incredibly upscale and great for a fancy night with those of your choosing.

Each room is also equipped with blackout curtains to help you have a restful sleep.

Family Appeal

This hotel balances a high-end hotel experience with family accommodations incredibly well. Your youngest kids might not fully appreciate the decor, but they will appreciate the accommodating staff and the friendly environment.

Within walking distance to the metro, Sagrada Familia, other Gaudi landmarks

Of course, what all kids want to know is if there’s a pool, and lucky for them, there is! Parents will be pleased that the property is rated as fairly quiet despite being in the city center. 

TIP: Ask for a room near the back of the hotel if you are particularly concerned about street noise.

2. Catalonia Magdalenes

Located in the Gothic Quarter (Barri Gòtic), Catalonia Magdalenes is a relatively new and modern hotel in an area steeped in history.

Property Overview

Treat the entire family to a distinctly contemporary hotel filled with nature and low-level lighting for an incredibly comfortable, warm atmosphere.

The hotel has been built around three sections of an ancient Roman aqueduct. Instead of destroying this valuable piece of history, this hotel has shown initiative by protecting it and featuring it as a selling point. You can view the sections behind glass when you enter the building at reception.

The old aqueduct is not all there is to see through. This hotel prides itself on its attention to detail, from the lobby to the hallways to each room. The finishings and maintenance are immaculate, as there is no spot of dirt to be found throughout.

Key Features

One key feature of this hotel is its incredible bang for your buck. The hotel provides guests with flat-screen TVs, kettles, and minibars. The mini bar and kettles are stocked with various drinks, such as tea and coffee.

The rooms match the rest of the hotel with complex patterned wallpapers, modern-style furniture, and many metal accents. The rooms maintain great lighting, as the large windows create a bit of an alcove where rooms can overlook the courtyard. A small handful of rooms will even feature a balcony.

On top of the many amenities, one of this hotel’s best features is its size. Despite how massive the hotel is, it only features 61 guest rooms. This is because the rooms in this hotel are large and offer a lot of space.

Rooms are split between regular and double rooms, with the double-sized rooms being larger. The smaller rooms come out to 183 square ft. (17 meters), while the doubles are 226 square feet (21 meters). 

Family travelers rate this hotel as clean, friendly, and comfortable.

Special Features

One of the unique features of this hotel is the rooftop pool that offers free snacks and soft drinks. It’s the perfect way to relax and cool down after a morning of site seeing, or to kill time before heading to your cruise port.

Another feature unique to this hotel is the seasonal terrace. The terrace is open only during the warm half of the year and from 10 am until midnight. The terrace features a great view of a cathedral and even a burger restaurant.

Family Appeal

Catalonia Magdalenes is an excellent intermediate stay for when you go on a cruise. The hotel is contemporary and features a design with universal appeal. 

The pool is a real standout feature, as it will occupy both you and your children as you await your cruise ship’s departure. 

The hotel is also within walking distance of the beach.

Situated in the middle of old town, it’s surrounded by shops, restaurants, and several other cultural attractions to keep you busy. If you don’t like spending the day in a hotel room, there is no shortage of activities to get the kids moving.

Take a day to walk around and see the sights of Barcelona. You won’t regret doing so.

3. Seventy Barcelona

Seventy Barcelona is a little further from the port, but if you plan to see some unique sights before or after your cruise trip (the zoo is a short taxi ride away) this is the hotel for you.

Property Overview

Easily the biggest draw of the Seventy Barcelona is its uniquely modern interior design. The property is full of straight lines, contrasting colors, and a visual flair that leaves you in awe. Those who are a fan of interior design will gawk just entering the lobby.

Even if you don’t have time to take in any sights, or your kids aren’t up for it, the hotel is an attraction in itself. 

The style of the hotel is a great blend of eye-popping tourist attractions and local art forms. The lobby is covered with giant windows that open up the room and let in a ton of natural lighting. 

Speaking of the lobby, this hotel features one of the most lively lobbies in the country. While many hotels use their lobby solely to check guests in and keep them moving, Seventy Barcelona encourages its guests to spend some time on various furniture and just hang out.

Not only is the lobby alive and artsy, but so are the rooms. The Seventy Barcelona’s many guest rooms feature a giant king-size bed, a high-level view, and a white color scheme. Like in the lobby, the white walls with sharp edges and saturated contrast will make the room feel unique and spacey.

Key Features

One draw of this hotel is its good eats. The hotel features two different options for food, each restaurant keeping its menu simple with Mediterranean dishes. Fortunately, these menus make up for in quality what they lack in quantity.

Another key feature of this hotel is its state-of-the-art cinema room. Come and view the latest sporting event on the big screen as you and fellow fans enjoy a premium viewing.

Special Features

Nearby reception, you will be in awe as you are towered over by a bevy of giant bookshelves. These shelves are packed with literature, and guests can read these books at their leisure.

If literature is not your thing, the hotel offers a lot in the way of self-care. If you can sneak away from your family for an hour or two, there is a vegan spa with the finest massages and sauna. Take some time to relax and wind down, then indulge in steam to relieve some tension.

On top of these features, the hotel also strives for a bit of sustainability. Plastic water bottles are banned from the premises, and even a small effort in a direction like this can make a difference.

Family Appeal

Seventy Barcelona is a terrific stop for families of all kinds due to its kid-friendly atmosphere. While there certainly are some adult-only spaces, children will be happy to indulge in some fast-paced sports viewings or indulge in a good book.

The rooftop pool, with its stunning views, will be a welcome distraction for kids eagerly awaiting their cruise to begin.

The food is also delicious, and people of all walks have been catered for. Vegans, picky eaters, and even those with nut allergies will find a good meal at this hotel. 

Of the Barcelona hotels near the cruise port, the Seventy Barcelona is undoubtedly among the most stylish and lively.

4. Casa Camper Hotel Barcelona

Next on the list, is Casa Camper Hotel Barcelona.

Property Overview

Casa Camper Hotel Barcelona is another hotel known for its striking visuals. As such, the property greets its guests with a hipster vibe on arrival. The hotel takes some older trends, such as red mood lighting, and puts a modern spin on them that teens and adults alike will smile at.

This property has a unique, minimalist look that will satisfy even the most trendy travelers. The building is ripe with glass windows, and squared patterns.

Key Features

Casa Camper Hotel Barcelona forgoes a lot of the luxury in the lobby to focus on features in the bedrooms.

The hotel offers its generally trendy client base free wifi, eco-friendly walk-in showers, and even a free snack bar. The water pressure and heat are a real stand out in these showers. The hotel offers standard room service, which is available 24/7 upon request.

Families of four can choose between a king bed with a pull-out sofa, or 2 separate rooms connected by a lounge area.

Special Features

While kids will enjoy the free snacks, parents can make a cocktail at the rooftop honesty bar. Guests are free to peruse the large variety of wares to make their drinks and enjoy themselves. Payment is left to an honor system that allows flexibility for those staying at the hotel.

The hotel also has a large interior garden. This vertical garden runs alongside the inside of the walls, and its pleasant scent helps to bring an air of freshness to the building. Many of the rooms in this hotel feature this garden as well.

Family Appeal

Beyond the visual flair that art enthusiasts will certainly appreciate, families will love the unique feel of this hotel. The stay is clean and incredibly comfy and is great for the night (or nights) before embarking on your cruise.

Aside from snacks, breakfast is also included, which is convenient and cost-saving. You can have your eggs cooked any way you desire and choose from an array of other dishes like bacon, sausage, cold cuts, bread, coffee, and juice.

TIP: Contact the hotel, and they will be happy to help schedule airport transfers. After a long flight, you’ll welcome pre-arranging your transportation.

5. Hotel Arts Barcelona

Looking for a luxury, family-friendly hotel? Then look no further than Hotel Arts Barcelona.

Property Overview

Immediately upon arrival, guests will be in awe at the pure size of this skyscraper. This behemoth of a building holds 483 guest rooms alongside its many different amenities. 

This location is a great stay, as the fun is not very far away. The beach is only a small distance from the hotel, and those who can’t wait to get in the water will appreciate this luxury.

On top of its geographical location, the Hotel Arts property takes its luxury title and runs with it. The building holds a lot of displays both in the way of hand-stitched fabrics and various plant life. While no official garden is located in the hotel lobby, the decor will make you feel like you are outside on a summer stroll.

Barcelona Hotels Near Cruise Port

Key Features

The Hotel Arts Barcelona is one of the more expensive options on this list, but it is not without reason. This hotel has the widest guest features, which are sure to leave an impression on its guests.

At check-in, kids can receive a fun activity sheet with questions about the hotel. Explore the property for answers, or ask any staff member. Once you’ve found all the answers, trade it in at guest services for free ice cream or milkshake. 

Kids will also be welcomed to your room with balloons and a sweet treat too.

The first feature that should be highlighted is the giant beds. These 100% cotton sheets are plush and make clients feel like they are living on a throne. These king-size beds are soft and make for one of the best rests a person could request.

On top of the nice beds, this hotel leaves guests with some incredible bathrooms. These restrooms are super spacious and have separate tubs for baths and showers. The hotel even provides some free products for use, including those from Asprey.

The hotel does have one unfortunate downside. It lacks free wifi. The lobby and other common areas feature free wifi access. Still, guests must forgo this modern standard in their rooms if they do not sign up for the hotel rewards program. 

The good news is that this rewards program is free, so guests will still get wifi access if they desire. It is just a bit more roundabout.

Special Features

One standout aspect of the Hotel Arts is its outdoor amenities. The hotel offers guests a variety of outdoor seating options for dining or relaxation.

Alfresco dining, also known as outdoor dining, is a great option when the weather is nice. The hotel features a large fish sculpture near the entrance, and much of the upper-level seating will overlook this work of art.

The poolside seating is another standout, as the hotel goes above and beyond to offer some of the most elite lounge seating one can find at a hotel.

You’ll be happy to note that not only does the hotel offer several great dining options, but they offer children’s menus as well. The two big restaurants are P41 Bar & Coctelarium and Enoteca Paco Pérez. The former of the two restaurants is run by the celebrity chef Paco Pérez.

Family Appeal

With two outdoor pools, mediterranean sea breezes, and a quick walk to an upscale beach, your family will shrug off their jetlag and get into the holiday spirit in no time.

If you have ever wanted to show your family a taste of the good life, then this is your chance. Treat the whole gang to one of the nicest stays you might ever get, which will pair nicely with your relaxing cruise.

TIP: Guest services are happy to provide a ton of ideas for family-friendly activities and make any arrangements necessary. 

6. The One Barcelona

The One Barcelona is a hotel that says it all within its name.

Property Overview

Stay at a premium property right by Catalonia Square and Passeig de Gracia. Guests can revel in knowing that they are close to the action and can leave for a bit of sightseeing before or after their cruise trip.

The hotel property boasts hundreds of two-bed guest rooms, and some even come with extra features. These premium rooms include balcony views, whirlpools, and even a standalone tub for the finest baths.

One thing to note about The One is that guests will enter their room inside their bathroom. The bedroom is just beyond this point, but it is a strange design choice worth bringing up to those who might be put off by it.

Special Features

The One lives up to its name by offering various features, and amenities guests have come to expect from a hotel.

First, the luxury hotel hosts a Mediterranean restaurant for all ages. Bring the whole family out for a quick meal on your way out to your cruise trip.

On top of the cuisine, the hotel offers both a fitness center and a pool for the more actively inclined guests. Many travelers have trouble maintaining their regime while out at sea, even if there’s a cruise ship gym available, so use this opportunity to get some extra reps in.

Worried about doing a little last-minute business? The One also provides guests with 24/7 room service and free wifi, as expected. 

Even the bathrooms at The One excel at what they do. These restrooms feature exquisite marble flooring alongside their spacious layout and state-of-the-art hairdryers. Guests won’t have to worry about forgetting an amenity, as The One also offers toiletries for their guests.

Special Features

While most cruise-goers aren’t bringing their pets along, it is worth mentioning that The One offers pet services on the premises.

Another unique aspect of The One is its luxury spa inside the hotel. Kill two birds with one stone and take this time to relax with outstanding pampering from trained professionals. 

Last but not least, guests are granted access to many techs. These gadgets include state-of-the-art smart TVs, electronic curtains, and even espresso coffee machines. These features help make you feel more at home during your stay.

Family Appeal

The One manages to be one of the best hotels in Barcelona near the cruise port for families. The hotel is in a great location with many restaurants, shops, and attractions within walking distance – making it easy to keep families occupied during their stay.

The property also features both an indoor and outdoor pool to keep kids entertained no matter the weather.

Friendly and helpful staff and nice, well-equipped rooms are top of mind when booking a stay for your family, and The One Barcelona has them in spades and more.

7. H10 Madison

Last but not least, there is the H10 Madison.


The first thing vacationers should know about the H10 Madison property is its location. Located right in the heart of downtown Barcelona, this is a hotel that always has things going on. The hotel is located amongst various attractions and businesses, not the least of which is the shopping center attached to it.

Beyond the shopping center, the hotel is close to the Barcelona History Museum. Enrich the whole family with a trip to a cultural beacon in the area.

If history is not your art style, Palau de la Musica Catalana is also close by. This modern cathedral hosts all sorts of concerts and musical events year-round.

Even better, the H10 Madison is located right by the beach. Guests are only a short drive away from the warm sand of Barcelona Beach. The serenity of the area’s more green beauty can be found at Parc de la Ciutadella, a park right beside it. 

The stellar location of the H10 Madison makes it a divine property, and there is no shortage of nearby activities.

Special Features

The H10 Madison checks off the major boxes of a luxury hotel in Barcelona.

This hotel offers a king-size bed or two twin-sized beds for guests, each with exceptionally comfortable cotton and clean white sheets. Families can add on supplementary beds for around $32 for children aged two to 12. Complimentary baby cots are also available on request. 

For entertainment, a large open pool for guests is located right in the heart of the hotel. The pool is not especially large, but the poolside seating is some of the comfiest outdoor seating you can find.

The hotel also offers free wifi for those who need it.

Special Features

One unique feature of the H10 Madison hotel is that it offers laundry services. If guests feel comfortable doing so, they can leave their laundry to be cleaned during the day.

While this might not mean much if you are about to leave for a cruise, it can be a real luxury if you stay the night after leaving the ship. Save yourself some time and trouble by having the exceptionally polite hotel staff help you out.

On top of the laundry, another unique feature of this hotel is its commitment to accessibility. If someone in your family has special needs, the hotel is more than willing to accommodate them. 

Rooms are wheelchair accessible, including both a roll-in shower and ramps all around the building. Signs around the building are all also written in brail. And if you have something more specific that is not already covered, hotel policy just asks that the guest calls in advance. 

Family Appeal

The H10 Madison stands as a terrific choice for a family-friendly hotel. Beyond just the overall accessibility of the property, the hotel features a wide variety of family-friendly activities. Kids will also love receiving a special stuffed toy upon arrival.

Between the pool, the nearby buildings, and the free wifi, families will have no shortage of activities to help them relax and wind down. Guests will also be treated to an open snack bar to satisfy hungry tummies between meals.

Another great feature of this hotel is the soundproof walls. This might not seem like a big perk at first glance, but for anyone traveling with young children, this could be a lifesaver. 

Lastly, the H10 Madison is a great family pick because of its price. The hotel is one of the cheaper options in the area, and there are two-bedroom rooms for kids and other groups to share. This helps to save on cash so that everyone will be well-rested for their cruise trip.

The H10 Madison is one of the best Barcelona hotels near the cruise port.

Closing Thoughts

If you are looking for a great start or finish to your cruise (or both!), then check out the seven options described above.

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