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You’ll Really Enjoy These Top 5 Picks For Best Family Beach Bag

Family holidays are supposed to be relaxing and fun, a time to get away from the pressures of everyday life and bond with those who are most important to you.

However… Anyone who has ever been on a family holiday will know that they can be far from relaxing if not properly planned!

There is nothing worse than arriving at the beach with three kids in tow, only to find that you have forgotten to bring towels and that sunscreen has leaked all over your paperback. Or when you spot the very long line at the food bar and realize you didn’t have space to pack snacks and sandwiches! All of this could have been avoided with the right beach bag! You’ll also want a beach bag for those port calls on your cruise vacation.

Best family beach bag | photo of family with bag and toys on beach

A good family beach bag will allow you the space to bring everything you need along with you, covering all eventualities. It will also provide you with appropriate compartments and accessories to keep your belongings organized and easily accessible.

Mary Poppins herself would be impressed with some of the family beach bags available online today, and luckily for you, we’ve put together a list of our favorite candidates for the best family beach bag to inspire you. 

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Top Picks For Best Family Beach Bag

Scout The BJ Tote Bag

Best All-Round Beach Bag

Scout The BJ Tote Bag

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To kick us off, we have this fantastic BJ bag by Scout, and boy, have these guys thought of everything. This bag has a fantastic box-like shape which allows you to fit large bulky items like towels and lunch boxes inside easily.

But when you want to pack it away, it folds down into a flat design that can easily be stored and doesn’t take up any valuable travel space.

The wide, flat base of this bag makes it ideal for standing up on the sand, gravel, or any surface whilst you get on with other things, meaning your belongings will not tip over and become jumbled, as is so often the case with less stable designs.

The base is also reinforced for a burst-free guarantee, meaning this bag can handle heavier items too.

The ample inner capacity is enhanced by the exterior pockets, which allow you to store specific items neatly, where you have easy access to them. The two flat pockets are great for maps, mags, and books.

Whereas the pleated pockets are ideal for sunglasses, snacks, and suncream. Valuables can be kept safe in the inner zippered pocket.

The two carry handles have a soft, flat upper, which makes them easy and comfortable to grip. The straps are seriously strong, so you won’t have to deal with them snapping halfway down the beach!

There are also two sets of grommets on each end of the bag, so you can attach a large shoulder strap if you prefer. However, the bag does not come with a shoulder strap included.

The woven fabric is pretty strong, water-resistant, and easy to wipe down if any ice cream should get split on it. Best of all, there are tons of fun patterns and designs available, so you can pick one which really suits your style and personality.


  • 4 external pockets for easy access storage
  • Roomy interior for bulky items
  • Zip lid for optional cover
  •  Extra strong straps for comfort and durability
  • Flat, burst-proof bottom for stability and durability
  • All-weather material, water-resistant, wipe-down, lightweight, and strong
  • Multiple designs and color options are available


  • No over the shoulder strap included
  • Too tall to fit under a coach or airplane seat
  • Expensive compared to others like it

XL Mesh Beach Tote Bag

Best Budget Family Beach Bag

Scout The BJ Tote Bag

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This XL mesh beach bag really is big enough for the whole Von Trapp family vacation! If you have a large family with lots of little ones, then this could be the beach bag for you.

The inner capacity of the bag measures 24 inches by 18 inches, which is plenty enough room for multiple towels and swimming costumes, not to mention goggles, flip flops, sunscreen, and a bat and ball! 

The mesh material is very lightweight, so does not add unnecessary pounds to your load, and it also folds up to a really small, flat size when emptied.

The mesh is also semi-see-through, allowing you to see exactly what you have inside your bag so that you don’t waste time hunting around in the dark for lost items.

The mesh could be stronger, and it is also very floppy when empty, which isn’t great if you are in a hurry. But the solid base is sturdy enough, and as long as you are using this beach bag for beach items and not heavy items, it works well.

The bag has 4 exterior pockets, which are great for keeping water bottles and other items that you need regular access to. It also has an inner zipper pocket for valuables like keys, purses, and phones.

The main zip fastening is not the strongest, but it holds well and runs smoothly.

The handles are long enough to wear over your shoulder, and we love the addition of the padded upper as it keeps your shoulders cushioned and comfortable even when bare. 


  • Extra large size for an all-you-can-carry experience
  • Mesh is durable, lightweight and see-through
  • Comfortable straps with padded upper
  • 4 extra pockets for organized storage
  • Inner zip pocket for your valuables
  • Affordable price tag


  • Mesh is floppy so difficult to handle
  • Zippers could be stronger and more durable

Extra Waterproof Family Tote Bag

Best All Weather Beach Bag

Scout The BJ Tote Bag

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This all weather family beach bag is an ideal choice for families who like to go camping, hiking and travelling as well as spending time at the beach.

The huge inner capacity measures 23 x 5 x 15 inches in total, allowing you to hold spare clothes, towels and swim gear for all the family. And this bag is made using three layers of fabric so that it is durable and will not split or burst.

The padded middle layer of fabric is shock absorbent, meaning that your belongings have an added layer of protection as you carry them about.

The outer layer of fabric is 100% polyester, which is both waterproof and sandproof. You can brush this bag down in no time after a day by the sea or the lake, and you will not ris bringing sand and mud back into the car with you.

You can also take this bag right up to the shoreline as it is waterproof. Although you should not submerge the bag, rainstorms and splashes are no problem whatsoever, as your belongings will stay safe and dry.

The outer pockets are deep enough to fit large drink bottles in easily, so you can stay hydrated and well organized.

And there is a really handy zippered outer pocket which is great for storing small items which you need to keep track of, like accessories, lip balm and keys.

The zippers on this bag are heavy duty and allow you to open and close the compartments as often as you like without worrying that you are wearing them down.

The bag comes in a variety of attractive swirling designs which really stand out, so you won’t lose sight of it no matter where you set it down. 


  • 3 layers of material for seriously durable finish
  • Sturdy and reliable zippers
  • Waterproof and sandproof fabric
  • Strong straps with reinforced seams
  • 7 available bright and vibrant pattern designs
  • Extra large inner capacity


  • Fewer outer pockets than other similar bags
  • Material base rather than structured base

Mesh Beach Organizer Family Bag

Most Compartments

Scout The BJ Tote Bag

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We absolutely love this enormous, mesh beach bag, because it really has been designed with families in mind.

The bag boasts a total of 9 pocket compartments, which is the most of all the bags on our list.

Two of those pockets are interior and can be secured with a zipper. These are ideal for personal items and valuable items that you wish to keep safe.

The other 7 pockets are positioned around the exterior of the bag and they are wonderfully deep, meaning that your belongings won’t keep falling out of them as is the case with shallow pockets.

You can pop flip flops, paperbacks, water bottles, sunglasses and much much more in these compartments.

The mesh is see-through, which is handy for allowing you to see what you have put inside. The material is also breathable and lightweight as it allows air to pass through it, meaning your phone and your sandwiches will not get too hot inside.

The mesh is also ideal for allowing sand and debris to fall out of the bag rather than gathering in the bottom like it does in enclosed bags.

It also allows the bag to dry out very quickly if it gets wet, which is ideal when you are at the beach!

We particularly love the straps on this mesh bag, as they are securely sewn to the body of the bag so that there is no risk of them breaking or snapping as you are carrying.

There is a padded velcro cushion on the straps which increases the comfort of the straps on your shoulder and allows for a firmer grip in your hand.

The only downside to this bag is that it does not have a zipper on the central compartment, however the open, basket-like design means that all your belongings are easily accessible.


  • 7 exterior pockets for serious organization
  • 2 interior pockets for safety and security
  • Breathable mesh that is lightweight and quick drying
  • Velcro straps for over the shoulder comfort
  • Large inner capacity for whole family
  • Cute pink binding with secure stitching


  • No zipper on the central compartment

Waterproof Beach, Gym, Pool, Picnic and Groceries Bag

Most Versatile Beach Bag

Scout The BJ Tote Bag

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Lastly, we have this incredibly versatile beach bag. It has so many handy and well placed pockets that this bag really can be used for anything.

It works really well as a baby’s diaper bag, as well as a camping bag, travel bag, pool, gym or grocery bag, because you can separate your belongings so purposefully inside it.

However, it really is a true beach bag first and foremost, and it even has a waterproof interior compartment where you can pop any wet swimsuits or towels in order to keep them away from the rest of your stuff!

The bag is made from a strong and durable material which is both waterproof and sandproof. It is easy to wipe it down before heading back into the car, so it doesn’t drag the mess home with it.

The materials are available in 11 different colors and patterns, and they are all bright and fun, just what you want for a holiday holdall.

The straps are secured with double stitching and are made from highly durable fabric which won’t break under pressure.

This is especially important since the bag itself is able to carry so much stuff, however the central compartment is not as large as that of some of our other picks on this list.

The main compartment can be securely shut with a zip closure, so all the contents are protected and contained.

Whatever the weather, whatever the occasion, this large family beach bag will keep you covered.


  • Reinforced stitching for strength and durability
  • Separate compartment for wet things
  • Waterproof material keeps belongings dry
  • 3 large external pockets with strong zippers, plus huge end pockets
  • 6 internal compartments for organization and storage
  • Fun, funky and stylish designs


  • The central compartment is smaller than other bags

Buyers Guide: Best Family Beach Bag

So, having seen our best picks for family beach bags, what are some key things that you can look out for when making your choice? Here are a few things you should consider:

Plenty Of Pockets

Your best family beach bag should have plenty of pockets. It is all very well having a huge, cavernous tote bag to throw all your belongings inside. However, finding them and taking them out again may well prove problematic. This is why pockets and compartments are essential on any good beach bag.

While you’ll need a large central space for bulky items like towels and swimsuits, small pockets allow you to keep your smaller items organized and accessible so that you can find them easily.

Zip Closures

Many people prefer an open, basket-style beach bag due to the convenience of being able to throw things inside the wide opening.

However, having a zip closure on your bag will not only help to keep your belongings safe from pickpockets and prying eyes, but will also prevent things from falling out and getting lost, and will prevent sand and water from getting in.

Just think – you can always opt not to close the zipper, but it is best to have the option.

Waterproof Fabric

Getting wet is pretty much a guarantee when going to the beach, so opting for a bag with waterproof material is a natural choice.

If the sun is shining, then you can keep your belongings away from splashes and tides, and if it’s miserable, you can keep them away from the rain.

Waterproof fabric is also often more strong and more durable, and easier to wipe down. This is highly handy when it comes to going home, as it means you can brush sand and droplets off your bag without messing up the hire car.

Sturdy Straps

A key consideration that makes for the best family beach bag has to be the straps. It is always best to opt for thick, strong straps that are well secured, even if you think that thin, delicate straps look more fashionable.

You won’t feel fashionable when you have to carry your bag in your arms if the straps break! Check that the seams are reinforced and that the top of the straps are cushioned, so they do not rub and irritate your shoulders.

After all, you will most likely have bare shoulders if you are at a sunny beach resort.

Solid Base

Even if your beach bag is made from a flimsy mesh, always go for one that has a solid base. This will prevent it from splitting or bursting under the weight of its contents, and it also has the additional benefit of making your bag easier to stand on the ground.

Color and Design

And finally, choosing a bright, vibrant design is not just a great fashion choice, it also has a practical benefit. Beaches are often huge and crowded, and having a bright bag will make it easier to spot from a distance and less likely to get left behind or lost.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Bag Is Best For A Family Of 4?

The optimal size of a beach bag for a family of 4 will depend on how much stuff you tend to take with you. However, for towels and swimsuits to fit comfortably, a bag that measures 16’’ x 5’’ x 15’’ is a good start.

Are Straw Bags Good For The Beach?

Straw bags are classic and stylish, and they are a great choice for carrying your towel and a good read down onto the sand.

However, if you are packing for the family, you might want to opt for a bag that has plenty of inner compartments and pockets for all the extra items you typically carry around.

Are Mesh Bags Good For The Beach?

Mesh bags are a great option for beach days as they are lightweight and breathable. They are fast drying and allow sand to easily shake out of the sides rather than gather in the bottom of the bag.

Mesh bags have the added benefit of letting you see what you have packed, which stops you from having to dig around for belongings. However, be sure to keep valuables well hidden.


If you are heading to the beach this summer, make sure you have a trusty beach bag by your side! Our selection of bags has everything you need for a day in the sun. From spacious totes to keep all of your essentials organized to handy drawstring sacks that can be easily thrown over your shoulder, we’ve got you covered. So don’t wait any longer – grab your beach bag today and get packing!

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