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Best Headphones for Toddlers on Plane

If you are planning a trip that involves flying with your toddler, you may be worried not only about how to keep them entertained but also how to prevent them from becoming overwhelmed by the increased level of noise in the cabin – both from the engine and fellow passengers. Headphones, specifically headphones designed for toddlers, could be the answer you’re looking for.

To help you narrow down the search, we’re sharing our top picks for the best headphones for toddlers on a plane, alongside a buyer’s guide and some frequently asked questions to help set your mind at ease. 

Why you will want to invest in the best headphones for toddlers

Flying on a plane with a toddler can be a daunting experience. Aside from having to contend with the overwhelming sounds of other passengers and the plane itself, your toddler will also have to get used to being thousands of feet above solid ground.

Understandably, this can be a scary experience for them (and you, we aren’t judging) – and they may begin to feel restless. 

That’s why a smooth, worry-free journey is an absolute must. But how do you ensure your toddler remains calm when everything seems like it’s against you?

The answer is simple, you need to invest in a quality pair of headphones!

You’ll want a pair of headphones designed especially for toddlers. Toddler headphones are extremely comfortable, fit snugly over their ears, and help to drown out background noise and startling sounds on the plane. The best headphones for toddlers will help keep your flight as stress-free as possible.

Ideally, you want them to be useable in a variety of settings, and also be durable enough to hold up over time.

There are so many options available that trying to narrow down the best options can seem like an impossible task. But we’re here to help!

The Best Headphones For Toddlers On A Plane

Riwbox BT05 Wireless Toddler-Friendly Headphones

Riwbox BT05 Wireless Toddler Friendly Headphones

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If you’re sick of hearing reruns of ‘Let it Go’ or ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ then these Pegasus-themed winged headphones will be a lifeline for your sanity (and your toddler’s hearing, too!)

Apart from a gorgeous two-toned pink and red color design, these wireless toddler-friendly headphones are also highly practical.

They feature an easily adjustable volume switch that differentiates between “child” and “adult” mode, and a warning “beep” that sounds if your child hits over the maximum volume of 85dB. This feature allows you to protect your toddler’s hearing while ensuring a safe listening experience.

These over-the-ear headphones also come with a 3.5 mm audio jack to switch between wireless and wired listening, which is great for preserving battery life on long journeys! This makes them the perfect accompaniment for streaming devices including iPads, tablets, and smartphones, so your toddler can watch their favorite shows in peace.

Plus, a built-in card slot makes it easy to load music for your little one to enjoy whenever they want!

When testing this product, we found that the noise-cancelling properties of the headphones to be far superior to others on this list. Couple this with other attractive features – including adjustability, their ability to be folded, and comfortable over-the-ear pads – and it’s clear that the Riwbox BT05 headphones truly have it all! 


  • Durability – If your child likes to break things, you’re in luck with these headphones. They are designed to withstand toddler strength.
  • Comfortable – The ultra-soft ear pads and adjustable headband will reduce the strain on your child’s ears, while its lightweight design will reduce the pressure on their neck after long-term wear.
  • Battery Life – This product has great battery life. But if the battery is running low on long journeys, you can use an audio jack to charge the headphones!


  • Bluetooth Connection – Using headphones wireless means that much like any other Bluetooth device, you may encounter some issues when connecting the headphones to your device. 

Noot Products Kids Headphones

Noot Products Kids Headphones  

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With these Noot Products headphones, your toddler can listen to ‘Baby Shark’ on repeat without being disturbed by the surrounding environment! 

Editor’s Note: According to our lead editor, Elaine, these are hands down a Top Value Selection! You can find them at a good price point and they tend to hold up longer than comparable affordable items. Plus, they can be worn by adults as well as kids. Thus, they are a great option for picking up several pairs at once and tossing them in your luggage.

These headphones have been designed to suit kids aged from 3 to 16, and come in a variety of shades including mint, pink, and blue, so it won’t be difficult to find the perfect pair for your toddler!

Equipped with a flexible, adjustable headband, they can also be tailored to your toddler’s head for a comfortable listening experience every time. Padded, soft over-the-ear cushions topped off with a semi-gloss finish also ensure an enjoyable fit. 

Notably, these multi-purpose headphones can be folded, making storage an absolute breeze. Feel free to squeeze them in with your carry-on luggage in preparation for keeping your toddler occupied on a plane ride! 

An attached, 5-foot long nylon braided cable is both durable and tangle-resistant, which should help to give you peace of mind regarding your toddler’s safety while using them.

Additionally, the sound quality is good for such a low price, with an overall volume limit of 93dB.

After we tested this product, it was made abundantly clear that these headphones are compatible with many devices, making streaming and listening to music that much easier.

We also found that there is no in-built microphone, remote, or volume control on these headphones. But thankfully, this doesn’t deter from the overall quality!


  • Compatible – These headphones are compatible with a variety of devices.
  • Universal Design – An array of color choices means that these headphones are suitable for a wider target audience, and aren’t just targeted towards toddlers. 
  • Comfortable Fit – An adjustable, flexible headband means that your child will have a comfortable listening experience. 


  • Safety Concern – These headphones are wired, and the cord is quite long. Take care that the cord doesn’t become tangled or become a tripping hazard if your child is moving around.

eKids Minnie Mouse Wireless Headphones

Noot Products Kids Headphones

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With these headphones, you can take the magic of Disney with you wherever you go! In addition to premium acoustics, these eKids Minnie Mouse headphones have an impressive 30-hour battery life, and are perfect for flights or car trips.

Whether your child is watching a movie, or listening to their favorite soundtrack, a comfortable, adjustable pink headband makes for a much easier listening experience. 

Easy to access volume controls, and the addition of a microphone, mean that your child can call or facetime family and friends during your trip. 

Toddlers are curious by nature, but thanks to a super-durable design there’s no need to worry about this pair of eKids headphones snapping in your little ones’ sticky grasp!

Foldable and portable elements, mean these headphones are the perfect accessory to pack for travel, and will keep your child distracted when facing a long journey. They also come with a padded cushion, so your toddler will be comfortable even with long wear.

When testing this product, we found the overall sound quality to be on par with more prominent audio brands. For the price, these headphones are an absolute steal!


  • Design – The design is simple yet sturdy. The structure is durable and the Disney theme makes them highly appealing to a younger demographic. 
  • Adjustable – Your toddler will have a personalized listening experience with these headphones thanks to a handy adjustable headband. 
  • Noise Cancelling – Your child can relax and listen to their favorite movie or song without being disrupted by the outside world. This is largely thanks to its padded cushions.


  • Wireless Connection – Only one device can be connected at a time. The headphones are also manufactured to disconnect after 15 minutes without any audio being played. This can be quite inconvenient, but it also helps to preserve battery life. 
Best Headphones for Toddlers | photo of vintage superhero-themed headphones for small child
Vintage Superhero Toddler Headphones (circa 2015) \ E. Warren

Note that eKids markets designs featuring a variety of popular characters and superheros.

iClever BTH13 Cat Ear Bluetooth LED Headphones

iClever BTH13 Cat Ear Bluetooth LED Headphones

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iClever wireless Cat Ear headphones are an absolute must for kids between ages 3 and 16.

With easy-to-navigate controls, a foldable design, and an ergonomic memory protein over the ear pads, this product is the perfect mix of style, comfort, and practicality. It also comes in two color options; pink and white. 

Notably, these headphones come with guaranteed “safe audio” to protect your child’s ears from overexposure to sound. There are three specialized volume levels: Toddler Mode (74dB), Study Mode (74/85dB), and Travel Mode 94dB.  

The best part? They light up! A revolving colorful light makes listening to music and learning far more interesting.

They also come with a built-in 40 mm speaker unit, providing lifelike audio and rich bass to keep your little one distracted when you need it most.

These headphones are ideal for plane rides because of their noise-cancelling qualities and comfortable fit. To put it simply: it won’t be difficult keeping your toddler distracted with this set!

And, after trying out this product, we’re confident to say that the battery life of these headphones is pretty impressive. You can get up to 45 hours of battery life if the Bluetooth RGB lights are turned off, and 12 hours if the lights are on. However, the battery life lasts much longer if the headphones are in wired mode.


  • Design – The addition of colorful LEDs makes this product stand out against others in the field. Combine this with an adorable cat ear design, and you have the perfect pair of toddler-friendly and appealing headphones.
  • Safe Audio – Three volume levels allow you to remain in control of the volume of the audio so that your toddler’s ears are protected from damage.
  • Battery Life – An extensive battery life makes this product the perfect plane accessory.


  • Budget – Because of their innovative design, and immense battery life, these toddler-friendly headphones are a little more expensive than others on the market. But they still won’t break the bank.

Snug Play+ Kids Headphones for Toddlers 

Snug Play+ Kids Headphones for Toddlers

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If you’re on the lookout for high-quality budget headphones for everyday use, Snug Play+ headphones are a perfect choice!

These headphones from Snug come in many colors for your toddler to choose from. In fact, they’re suitable for children between ages 2 and 10 years old.

As a parent, your child’s safety is always a top priority. Thankfully, Snug has designed this product with safety in mind. This particular product is tasked with providing high-quality audio at non-damaging volume levels. As a result, the headphones are limited to a balanced sound level of 93db. This enables your toddler to hear everything without facing any risk of eardrum damage. 

Equally durable and lightweight, these wired headphones are great for children who tend to be a bit rougher with their toys – they aren’t easily broken! Plus, they’re easy to store. Thanks to a handy easy-to-fold feature, these Snug Play+ headphones will fit into any sized carry-on bag.

When testing, we found the share port feature built into the device to be extremely useful. Not only does this ensure nobody will feel left out, but it’s also really convenient if you want to watch a film alongside your child! However, you will need a second set of headphones if you want to participate in this ‘daisy chain’ listening. 

If that wasn’t enough, these Snug Play+ headphones are universally compatible with multiple devices including Amazon Fire, Kindles, smartphones, and iPads!


  • Durable – The headphones aren’t easily broken, making them a great choice for any curious and tough-handed toddler.
  • Lightweight – Your toddler can listen to their favorite Disney movie or song without straining their ears or their neck. 
  • Share Port – Enables more than one pair of headphones to connect at once. All you need to do is connect one side of the headphones to a device and connect the other to a second pair of headphones. 


  • Sound – Though the sound safety features are something to be marveled at, these headphones aren’t completely noise-cancelling. However, that doesn’t reduce the quality!

Toddler Headphones Buyers Guide

best headphones for toddlers

There are a few key things you need to look for when choosing a pair of headphones for your toddler, especially if they are intended for long flights.

We’ve outlined some of the most important factors, so you can save a bit of time and narrow down your search.

Wireless vs Wired Headphones

Wireless headphones are easy to set up, and may be the more viable option for toddlers. The only downside is that you may occasionally encounter connection issues, but that is a given for any device requiring Bluetooth.

Wired headphones, on the other hand, do pose more potential risk to your toddler. The wires themselves are usually pretty thick, but your child may unintentionally get themselves tangled up, which could be dangerous.

If you’re wondering whether you should opt for wired or wireless headphones, we’d recommend looking for a pair that has the option for both. Look for headphones that are primarily wireless, but can be connected to a device via an audio jack when necessary.

Thankfully, this type of product makes up a large majority of the current audio market – so you’ll be spoiled for choice!

Noise Limiting 

You should choose a pair of headphones that remove ambient noise without having to increase the volume of the device. This allows your child to use the headphones to safely watch their favorite show or movie, without concern for potential hearing damage or loss.

But if you’re a little unsure, we always recommend trying out the headphones yourself to test out the parameters of the volume.

Access to Volume Levels

A pair of headphones with built-in volume limits will prevent curious hands from pressing buttons and accidentally hurting their eardrums in the process.

Safe listening levels for toddlers are around 75dB – so it may be in your best interest to look for a pair with volume-limiting features.


Finding a pair of toddler-friendly headphones is pretty simple, especially if you’re shopping for someone who outwardly enjoys colorful things.

A lot of the current headphones available for purchase either feature specific designs such as Disney characters, or have distinctive patterns and color combinations that are generally just far more appealing to the younger listener. 

When thinking about the design of toddler-oriented headphones, you’ll want to prioritize durability. Look out for headphones that are flexible and are designed to be folded, so that your toddler won’t stand a chance of snapping the headphones in half (accidentally or not).

Durability is as important as comfort and sound – so it’s wise to filter your search accordingly.


Although you do want to purchase a pair of high-quality headphones, it shouldn’t break the bank! Especially if your toddler is only using them occasionally.

Including the products on this list, a large majority of toddler-friendly headphones are quite budget-friendly, even with the features we’ve recommended. 


You’re going to want to purchase durable, well-made headphones, so you know they’ll last. A flexible headband is arguably one of the most important things to consider in terms of the longevity of toddler headphones.

An extendable – or adjustable – headband means that your child can wear the headphones for many years. This will not only make the purchase more worthwhile, but ensures your child can listen comfortably even as they grow.

Headphones for Toddlers on Plane

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is It Safe For Toddlers To Wear Headphones?

The simple answer: yes, it is safe. However, you must make sure that the chosen pair have all the necessary safety features to provide your child with the protection their little ears need.

Whether it is safe or not to use headphones depends on several factors including the listening duration, the volume, and the size of your toddler’s ear canal. Take these elements into consideration to prevent their ears from becoming damaged prematurely.

What Are the Essential Features of Toddler Headphones?

There are a few factors that you should actively consider when looking for a pair of headphones for your toddler. These include:

  • Adjustable sizes so that your child can wear them for a longer period of time
  • Whether the product has noise-limiting features
  • Compact and foldable features that work well for travel
  • Share ports (especially for families with more than one child)
  • Comfortable over-the-ear pads for longer wear
  • A lightweight feel
  • An appropriate design (including colors and patterns)
  • Durability so the headphones cannot easily be broken

Closing Thoughts – Should a Toddler Wear Headphones on a Plane?

Your toddler does not have to wear headphones on a plane, but they are a helpful accessory for stress-free flying. Not only will headphones keep your toddler distracted from the surrounding environment with age-appropriate entertainment, but they will also help to protect their tiny ears from the loud sounds produced by the airplane in general.

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