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How To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Babies?

Ever notice how mosquitoes seem drawn to babies and toddlers? Chemical secretions called lactic acid, caused by sweating, may be one of the reasons mosquitos are attracted to babies. Since mosquitos are carriers of many diseases, it is crucial to find out how to keep mosquitoes away from babies.

To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Babies, you can mosquito-proof mesh the doors and windows. Dress babies in long, loose-fitting clothing that covers their arms and legs completely. Utilize mosquito-proof netting over prams and strollers to ensure your baby is bite free.

Join me as we learn how to keep mosquitoes away from babies. We’ll explore physical protections and natural repellents you can use against mosquitoes. Enjoy a stress-free holiday as you learn how to protect your baby from these pesky insects.  

How To Keep Mosquitos Away From Babies Naturally

Nothing is more frustrating than having a mosquito buzzing around your baby, especially at night or when taking your baby to the beach. Although there may be many methods and repellents to eliminate these annoying insects, not all are considered safe for babies. However, there are ways to naturally keep mosquitos away from babies without having to put your loved ones at risk.

These natural methods include different types of physical protection and natural repellents.

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Physical Protections

Physical protections are protective barriers that prevent mosquitoes from ever reaching your baby. Like a roadblock!

Dressing Your Baby In Protective Clothing

A mosquito thrives on finding the exposed skin of a baby to satisfy its craving. You want to ensure you beat him at his own game by minimizing the exposed skin area. During the mosquito season, avoid dressing your baby in sleeveless tops and shorts. Instead, opt for full-length garments. If you’re in warmer temperatures, you can choose garments of lighter fabrics.

Mosquitoes have been known to bite through tight-fitting clothing; so dress your baby in loose-fitting clothing made of knits and cotton.

While dark colors and florals attract insects, light colors tend to repel them. Dress your baby in soft colors so that they can keep cool, minimizing sweating and the chemical secretion of lactic acid, which attracts mosquitos.

Making Use Of Mosquito Nets And Screens

Don’t let the fear of your baby getting bitten by mosquitoes ruin your holiday. Mosquito nets are compact and can be packed away in your suitcase or even attached to babies stroller. You can drape a fitted mesh net over the baby’s stroller, carrier, or car seat. Ensure that the mesh netting has small enough holes to prevent the mosquitoes from penetrating them.

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You can drape these nets over baby cots and beds, avoiding open spaces. The good news is that these nets are safe for babies.

Nylon mosquito screens can also be attached to doors and windows with Velcro. These are compact enough to be carried around.

Avoid Mosquito Hot Spots

Mosquitoes tend to congregate in certain places, and you can keep babies away from the below areas.

  • Avoid stagnant water such as puddles of water, ponds, bird baths, and dog bowls.
  • Piles of leaves, flowerbeds, and shrubbery.
  • Orchards or fruit trees.
  • Garbage cans and tire swings.

Natural Repellents

Scents can either attract or repel mosquitoes; in this case, you want to ensure that you lean towards the latter. Natural repellents are a better option if you are taking baby on a hike, going on a picnic, or even taking a camping trip. You can mix up a batch of these concoctions when traveling using natural products and carry them with you.

The natural repellents are:

  • Lavender
  • Lemon Eucalyptus Oil
  • Cinnamon Oil
  • Thyme Oil
  • Citronella
  • Soybean Oil
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Neem Oil

What Mosquito Repellent Is Safe For Babies?

Research from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centre for Disease Control caution that mosquito repellent is unsuitable for babies under two months old. However, there are products available for older infants. Always read the eligible age instructions, the application process, and the side effects.

When choosing a mosquito repellent for a baby, you want to ensure that you choose one that is fragrance-free and provides ample protection without being too strong.

These are some of the most popular mosquito repellants for babies:

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Are Mosquitos Attracted To Babies?

Mosquitoes are attracted to some babies because of their smell. And, the specific reasons why some babies get bitten more than others can vary. Usually, it has to do with the lactic acid caused by sweating. 

Some research suggests that babies with a blood type O experience more bites than those with type A, B, or AB.

The smell of carbon dioxide is another attraction. If a baby breathes heavily, mosquitoes can pick this scent up to 50 meters away. Even something like foot odor can cause mosquito bites due to the bacteria.

How To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Babies | photo of happy baby on grass

Can A Mosquito Bite Cause An Allergic Reaction?

Some people, particularly babies and young children, can have a special allergic reaction to mosquito bites. This is called Skeeter Syndrome. Essentially, it is a reaction to the saliva in a mosquito’s bite. This leads to unusually significant swelling.

Babies are more likely to have such a reaction because they haven’t built up all of their immunities.

Closing Thoughts

You can keep mosquitos away from babies by using nets, clothing, safe repellents, and other barriers to keep your baby protected and safe.

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