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Are Travel Irons On Cruise Ships Really Forbidden? Know Your Best Options.

When you have packed several days or weeks of clothes into your cruise luggage, keeping your clothes looking presentable and (relatively) wrinkle-free can be challenging. Thankfully, there are several options available to all cruisers.

Generally, travel irons on cruise ships are prohibited. And you won’t find any cruise-approved steamers either. These items present a potential fire hazard. While using a travel iron in your cabin is prohibited, you have other cruise ship laundry options that can address your needs.

There is no reason you can’t wear impeccably wrinkle-free clothing throughout your cruise ship stay. Keep reading to learn about your options.

Can You Bring Travel Irons On Cruise Ships?

Travel irons are one of many restricted items for use on cruise ships because irons present a potential fire hazard. As you can imagine, an iron left unattended in a stateroom could be a serious recipe for disaster that cruise lines want to avoid at all costs.

We know only one cruise line that potentially permits passengers to bring travel irons on the ship: Marella Cruises(owned by Tui Cruises). Marella permits guests to bring travel irons onto the ship, but it reserves the right to confiscate any irons determined to be a safety hazard. Confiscated items will be returned at the end of your cruise.

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Even though you are largely prohibited from packing your travel iron, you don’t have to resign yourself to a vacation filled with wrinkled clothes. Depending on the cruise line, you will have several options available. Some cruise lines provide self-service laundry facilities, which, in addition to a laundry room with washers and dryers, will contain irons and ironing boards for passenger use. While the washers and dryers usually have a charge, the ironing equipment typically does not.

Most cruise lines also offer professional ship laundry services, such as dry-cleaning and pressing, to ensure your clothes return to you in perfect condition. These services usually come at an extra expense.

Can You Bring A Steamer On A Cruise Ship?

Most cruise lines treat clothes steamers like they treat travel irons: They are prohibited. They will be confiscated if found.

Alternatives To Using A Travel Iron Or Clothes Steamer On A Cruise

Wrinkle-Free or Wrinkle-Resistant Clothing

One of the best ways to eliminate the need for clothing irons is to bring only the type of clothing that does not require ironing. This type of clothing exists, and many wrinkle-resistant fabrics are on the market.

Several clothing manufacturers produce travel clothing made of wrinkle-resistant fabric to ensure no ironing is needed. However, these clothes generally perform best when placed in a dryer, and you may not have easy access to a dryer on a cruise ship.

Suppose travel clothing is not your style—it tends to be casual and somewhat unfashionable. In that case, you can opt for normal clothing made of wrinkle-resistant fabric. Some of the best fabrics for these purposes include polyester, nylon, acrylic, and olefin.

Suppose you prefer natural fabrics such as cotton or linen. In that case, you can find these fabrics blended with synthetics that are far less prone to creasing and wrinkling, especially if you opt for a knit or stretch fabric instead of a non-stretch woven material.

Wrinkle-Release Spray

Wrinkle-releasing sprays such as Downy Release are an excellent way to de-wrinkle your clothing before wearing it. While this chemical method may not be as effective as ironing, it will still serve its purpose to a large degree.

Advanced Dry-Cleaning

Alternatively, you can have your clothing dry-cleaned before packing and request that they do a heavy starching on the fabrics. Leave these clothing items in their dry-cleaning bags, roll them up while still in the bags, and then pack them carefully. This packing method will ensure that the clothes are as crease-free as possible when you unpack them in your stateroom.

Shower Steam

The old steamy shower trick is another option that can be extremely effective. The best way to steam your clothing without a steamer is to run the shower at the highest temperature for around two minutes. Next, hang the clothing in the shower and leave the room while ensuring that you close it up properly to keep in as much heat and steam as possible.

Hair Tools

Typically, cruise lines permit hair dryers and other hair tools like flat irons on board. Thus, a hair straightener can be an alternative to a travel iron and is especially useful for items such as collars and cuffs on shirts. 

A hairdryer can be used similarly to quickly eliminate creases or wrinkles from your clothing. You can use the hairdryer after applying a wrinkle-release spray to enhance the effect of both methods. (Tip: Your cruise cabin will likely have a hair dryer.)

Travel Irons on Cruise Ships | photo of crumpled blue casual dress

Packing To Prevent Wrinkled Clothing

You can also use several time-tested packing hacks to prevent or minimize wrinkles.

A hard-shelled suitcase is another brilliant idea for keeping clothes free of wrinkles when traveling. Soft suitcases squash the clothes inside them, causing pressure creases and wrinkles.

Do not overpack your suitcases, as this pressure will also cause wrinkles in your clothing. When folding your clothes, fold them in bundles for fewer small folds. Start by folding your smaller items in the middle; then, fold your larger items over them until you have a neat bundle of folded clothing.

Packing cubes can be purchased at many stores. These smart devices will help prevent wrinkles while saving space in your luggage.

Regarding formal items, stuff the bodices and shoulders with tissue paper to help them retain their stiffness and reduce the chances of wrinkles or creases.

Most importantly, remember to unpack and hang your clothing as soon as possible once you have entered your stateroom. The more time your clothes spend in your luggage, the higher the chance they are wrinkled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Royal Caribbean cruises have irons?

Due to safety concerns, Royal Caribbean does not provide irons in cruise ship cabins. However, pressing services are available through the ship’s laundry facilities.

Are there irons on Carnival Cruise?

Carnival does not provide irons in cruise ship cabins. However, most Carnival ships have self-service launderettes with an iron and an ironing board.

Can you bring a curling iron on a cruise?

Most major cruise lines permit common grooming items such as curling irons. However, if they are being used in an unsafe manner, they may be confiscated until the end of the cruise. (For example, Leaving the curling iron on when you exit the cabin.)


While most cruise lines prohibit bringing any form of iron or steamer onto the ship, there are, fortunately, several ways to ensure your clothing remains wrinkle-free throughout your cruise. Besides the range of methods you can employ to ensure your clothes remain wrinkle-free, you can also use the laundry services and the launderettes on board.

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