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A New TROND Power Strip That’s Perfect for Travel

Trond power strip for travel

For many years, we have been spreading the word that one of the must-have travel accessories you should take on a cruise is an outlet extender or power travel strip. And from time to time, we have highlighted the ones we really like. A Trond power strip has frequently made our list of the top products in this area. 

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Trond has recently introduced a newly designed model that once again impresses: the TROND Travel Power Strip with a 2.6ft Wrapped-around Flat Cord.

Trond Power Strip | close up photo of new Trond power strip

This is a compact travel power strip without surge protection, so it is perfect for a cruise.

For families who are traveling, limited space and awkwardly placed outlets can create significant sources of frustration. A family of four can easily go on vacation with ten or more electronic devices that need periodic charging.

It’s not just cell phones and tablets. These days many folks will have cameras, headphones, and/or earbuds to work into the charging plan. With so many devices to charge, it can be challenging to find enough outlets to keep everything powered up.

This model of the Trond power strip not only provides outlets for numerous devices, but it also provides options for different types of chargers. Given the number and variety of outlet options, you can charge virtually any electronic device your family has brought along.

It has options for standard plugs as well as USB-A and USB-C charging cords. So you should be able to charge any combination of phones, tablets, laptops, and wireless earbuds that your family members manage to pull from their luggage.

The New Trond Power Strip: Our Favorite Features

These are the highlights of what we particularly love about this updated design for the TROND Travel Power Strip:

  • It can be frustrating when a power strip or outlet expander purportedly has spots for multiple devices, but they can’t all be used at once. This power strip’s widely spaced outlets allow larger adapters and chargers to be used without blocking other outlets.
Photo of Trond travel power strip in use with several devices
  • The ability to charge up to 6 devices from a single power strip is a convenient feature for cruise travelers who want to keep all their devices charged and ready to use. This eliminates the need to unplug and rotate chargers to charge multiple devices. It also reduces any bickering among multiple people trying to charge devices at the same time.
  • The slim design and wrap-around cord make it easy to tuck away in your carry-on so that you can quickly pull it out whenever needed. The flat design of the plug also increases the ability to use it in otherwise hard-to-access places.
  • The space-saving design is particularly helpful in the limited confines of a cruise cabin. The small footprint takes up minimal counter-space.

This is truly a versatile travel accessory that’s great for many travel situations beyond a cruise ship.

The upgraded flat wall plug is a game-changer for anyone who has been frustrated with limited space or awkwardly placed outlets.

Its super-thin design of only 0.33 inches makes it thinner than regular flat plugs, making it easy to fit in tight spots and slide behind furniture (like a hotel bed).

photo of Trond compact power strip with iPad, wireless earbuds and Alexa device

Overall, the combination of the ultra-thin flat plug design and the wrapped-around cord make this power strip a must-have for anyone who wants to maximize their space and keep their cords organized and tidy.