Discover Our Ultimate Guide To Planning A Family Reunion Cruise

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Does your family have a family reunion tradition?  There are as many different types of family reunions as there are different types of families.  In my own family, I believe the paternal side has had two reunions in the past 30 years.  Meanwhile, my maternal side holds down the other side of the spectrum.  That side generally stages one every year like clockwork.  Whether your family hosts reunions all the time, or has never had one before, you should take a close look at family cruising.  A family reunion cruise could be a good option for your family.  Today, we present an article on this topic just for you:  How To Painlessly Connect With Extended Family Through A Family Reunion Cruise.  

Find Out The Reasons A Reunion Cruise Could Be A Good Choice For You.

In this article, you will learn four reasons why a cruise ship can be an excellent venue for a family reunion.  Common barriers to pulling together a successful family reunion include generating sufficient interest for meaningful participation across your extended family, family finances, and logistical headaches.  By staging your reunion around a cruise, you can eliminate all of those problems.  Read more here.

Know The Key Steps To Planning A Successful Event

Planning a successful family reunion of any kind requires a high level of organization and advanced planning.  Learn more about five key steps necessary for planning a successful family reunion cruise.  And, discover the specific perks and benefits you should seek out when planning a reunion cruise.  Read more here.

As we are coming up on two of the biggest family holidays of the year, now is the time to start thinking big and talk about reunion plans for 2018 (or 2019).  

Do you have any reunion plans on the books?  Have you organized or attended a reunion cruise?  Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Our Top 8 Strategies To Disembark With Ease

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When the time comes to disembark from your cruise, this can be a sad and stressful experience.  Not only is your vacation ending, but the process of actually leaving the cruise ship and getting back home can be filled with many unpleasant bumps.  For instance, you may encounter long wait times at several intervals — waiting for an elevator, waiting for your disembark group to be called, waiting in the line to exit the ship, waiting in customs line at the port, waiting for a taxi or other ground transportation, waiting at the airport.  You may also encounter logistical hurdles with managing your luggage,  and corralling your kids.  Or, you may experience sticker shock when you see the grand total on your final cruise bill.  (All those extras can add up quickly!)

Take steps to minimize your stress and ease your family’s journey as you disembark.  Here are our top 8 strategies to a make your disembarkation easier.

1. Timely submit any requested disembarkation forms.

Planning for a smooth disembark starts a few days before your actual last day on the ship.  The cruise line will ask you to complete a short form with your departure details several days before the cruise ends.  The cruise line uses this information to assign disembarkation groups.  Your assignment determines when you will be permitted to exit the ship and when your luggage will be available in the cruise ship terminal.  You want to be assigned to a disembark slot that fits with your ongoing travel plans, so be sure to turn in the form on time.   

2. Review your financial accounts before the final day.

At the end of the cruise, you will be provided with a copy of the charges that have been made to your ship account. You will inevitably see a very long line at guest services on the last day as people try to make adjustments or have issues with their bill. You can avoid that line.  Make a point of getting a copy of your bill midway through the trip to try and catch any problems early.  As with a land-based hotel, you may be able to access a copy of your bill on the television in your stateroom. Read More …

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This Week (Or So) In Family Cruising (10-30-17)

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Family Cruising Graphic - Busy Beach HarborHere are our highlights from around the web for the past week (or so) of interesting news and information relevant to family cruising.

Stay Safe Online While Family Cruising

Check out this article posted on Cruise Fever.  Things You Should Never Post Online Before or During Your Cruise. 

This article has some important tips and information about protecting you and your family from hackers, scammers, and other criminals.

Exciting Family Cruising News From Disney

Disney Cruises announced an exciting line up of cruises out of San Diego for the spring of 2019. Disney announced that its ship, Disney Wonder, will return to San Diego, California in early 2019 for an expanded season of voyages to Mexico.  The ship will sail a variety of two-, four-, five- and seven-night itineraries that include stops in such Mexican port towns as Ensenada, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan.

Check out these reports for more info:

Disney Cruise Line Expands San Diego Season & Returns to Popular Tropical Ports from Both Coasts in Early 2019

Disney expanding cruises from San Diego in 2019

And USA Today reports: Disney Cruise Line to expand voyages out of San Diego

Exciting Family Cruising News From Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean announced the imminent return of its ships to key Caribbean ports that had been hit hard by the recent chain of hurricanes.  Adventure of the Seas will return to St. Thomas on November 10.  (See press release.) And soon thereafter, Royal Caribbean ships will return to San Juan and St. Maarten.  (See blog post.)

Finally, Royal Caribbean has released a teaser promo about an upcoming “major reveal” on November 7.

Royal Caribbean hints at big reveal next week

Royal Caribbean Teases a Major Reveal on November 7th

No one seems to know what will be revealed, but most folks seem to think it will relate to new adventures on land.  Stay tuned!

That’s all for now.  Have a great weekend!

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