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Top 5 Family Cruise Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make!

Set sail on a stress-free family cruise adventure with your kids by avoiding these common missteps!

Whether it’s your first cruise or your tenth, avoiding these pitfalls ensures your vacation stays memorable for all the right reasons. (This is the quick highlight version. For a deeper dive, visit Family Cruise Mistakes You’ll Really Want to Avoid.)

1. Choosing the Wrong Ship for Your Family: The ship you pick can make or break your family cruise. Not all vessels cater to the kiddos!

photo of small child playing in cruise ship splash park

Look for ships loaded with child-friendly amenities and activities. Remember, a family-friendly ship doesn’t just tolerate children; it welcomes them with open arms and endless fun!

2. Dining Disasters: Never leave dining to chance! Securing meal times and preferences in advance can save you from buffet blues or late-night munchie meltdowns.

Consider your family’s routine and choose dining options that align, whether it’s an early dinner seating or flexible dining arrangements.

A Hungry family waiting in a long line for dinner.

3. Room Downtime Dilemma: Expect to spend downtime in your cabin, especially with young kids. Pack or plan for quiet activities like coloring books, puzzles, or tablets loaded with movies and games.

Check if your ship offers a toy lending program to entertain your little ones without overpacking.

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4. Shore Excursion Snafus: Picking the right shore excursions is crucial. Avoid tours that are too long or too strenuous for young travelers.

Explore options beyond the cruise line for more personalized and often cheaper adventures, ensuring they fit your family’s energy levels and interests.

5. Handwashing Hazards: On a cruise, diligent handwashing is more important than ever to prevent illnesses like norovirus.

Pack familiar soap options, especially for kids. If your child is used to pumping foaming soap from a bottle, bring one on your trip.

Likewise, if your kid is too small to reach the faucet, make sure he’ll be able to reach the sink comfortably in your cabin(e.g., pack a travel step stool) or assist them as needed.

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Closing Thoughts

Avoiding these common cruise mistakes isn’t just about dodging discomfort—it’s about creating an unforgettable journey across the seas. With these simple tips, you’re all set to embark on a family cruise that’s as smooth as the ocean breeze.

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