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5 Essential Pool Safety Tips Every Family Needs on a Cruise!

This is the quick-tip version of our pool safety tips. For a deeper dive, check out Top Pool Safety Tips For Your Family Cruise.

The pool is a hotspot for family fun on a cruise, but safety should never drift away! As you dive into the exciting world of waterslides and pool games, remember, a safe pool experience is crucial, especially for the little ones.

Here’s how to keep your splashes safe and your vacations worry-free.

1. Don’t Assume Lifeguards are Watching: Think that person by the pool is watching over your kids? Think again!

Most cruise ships don’t have lifeguards, so parental supervision is key. Disney, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian are the exceptions, not the rule.

2. Watch, Don’t Just Listen: Drowning doesn’t look like it does in the movies.

No yelling. No cries for help. No flailing arms.

It’s quiet and can happen in seconds. Always keep your eyes on your children, not your phone or book.

3. Lifeguards Aren’t Enough: Don’t let down your guard even on ships with lifeguards.

Crowded pools can make it hard for lifeguards to see everything. Stay alert and watchful.

4. Flotation Devices Are Just Aids: While helpful, flotation devices are not substitutes for watching your child.

Stay within arm’s reach even if they’re wearing a swim vest, especially in deeper water.

5. No Solo Swims for Little Ones: Never let young children into the pool by themselves, even if they’re good swimmers.

Accidents can happen quickly, and you must be there to prevent them.

Closing Thoughts

Water safety is crucial for ensuring your cruise is as enjoyable as memorable. Following these simple guidelines lets you relax knowing your family is safe, letting you focus on the fun and the sun!