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Our Top Cruise Tips For Families: On Staterooms

Cruise ship staterooms become home base for families during a cruise vacation. So make your stateroom the best it can be for your family. Get our best tips on cruise cabin selection, maximizing space in staterooms, improving child safety and more. Read on to learn all of our best tips relevant to your family’s cruise stateroom.

Our Top Cruise Tips About Staterooms


Tips on Selecting Staterooms

Our Family Guide To Choosing A Cruise Cabin With Ease

Don’t be overwhelmed by the multitude of stateroom options.  Arm yourself with information to make a wise choice. The type of cabin you choose will have the biggest impact on your family vacation budget. If you are trying to get the most value for your dollar when booking a cruise for your family vacation, there is no reason to buy more stateroom than you need. So how do you tell the difference between cruise cabins, and decide what’s best for your family? Follow this guide for quick tips. And, discover the four questions you should answer to pick the best cruise cabin for your family.

Tips on Organizing Staterooms

9 Remarkably Easy Tips To Make Family Cruise Ship Rooms Cozy

Concerned about trying to squeeze your family of four (or more) into a cruise ship room really designed for two?It’s no secret that cruise ship rooms are substantially smaller than a typical room at a hotel or resort.  But that’s no reason for your family to feel overly cramped or confined! With these handy travel tips and hacks to help organize your cabin, no worries are necessary. These simple tips will help you make the best use of all the space available to you. 


Tips on Stateroom Safety


Tips on Family Staterooms - Safer CabinsHow To Improve Cabin Safety On Family Cruise With A Baby

If you are planning to take a family cruise with a baby or toddler, you will likely be interested in some basic childproofing for your stateroom. Start preparing your cruise cabin for your baby or toddler before you leave for vacation. With these simple steps and childproofing hacks for your stateroom, you can avoid common safety hazards with ease. And, most of these tips and ideas don’t require packing anything extra.

A Downloadable Checklist for Staterooms

Free Printable of the Cozy Cabin ChecklistWe have summarized the key points from our post on cozy cabins into a handy printable checklist that you can download and take with you on your next cruise.  Go ahead and get your free copy today!







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