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What Item Should You Bring In Your Beach Bag To Help Remove Sand From Your Skin?

We all know the feeling: you have an absolutely fabulous day at the beach, enjoying all the sun, sand and sea that you can, only to find that you are absolutely covered in sand when it’s time to go home. While you may want to take back beach souvenirs from your vacation, sand probably isn’t it. So, what item should you bring in your beach bag to help remove sand from your skin?

There is sand on your arms, your legs, and between your toes, sand on your bum, your belly button, and up your nose! The stuff gets everywhere and can be very tricky to remove. And it doesn’t feel so soft and warm when you try to put your trainers and jeans back on!

What Item Should You Bring in Your Beach Bag to Help Remove Sand From Your Skin? | photo of girl burying herself in the sand at the beach

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What Item Should You Bring In Your Beach Bag To Help Remove Sand From Your Skin?

Nor does it look so idyllic and white when it rubs off all over the car seats and the couch. Nope, sand is definitely something that is best left at the beach, and luckily for you we have put together some simple tips and tricks for ways that you can remove it from your skin before you leave.

Baby Powder

No, you haven’t misread that. A bottle of everyday baby powder really is a great way of removing pesky sand particles from the skin. You see, baby powder has moisture-wicking qualities, meaning it can draw moisture away from your skin.

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That is exactly why we use it on babies’ after they’ve had a bath to ensure that they are nice and dry before bed. 

The sand that gets stuck between your toes and all over your feet does so because it is wet. Think about it – dry sand is simple and easy to dust off, right? But wet or damp sand clings to your skin until it dries out.

Usually, this isn’t until you have your socks on, making for an uncomfortable journey home. However, by applying baby powder over the sandy areas of your body you can soak up the moisture from your skin and cause the particles to dry. Then they can be dusted off easily. 

If you don’t want to get sand or powder over your hands you can use a cloth or paintbrush to dust instead.

And if you would rather not get powder everywhere (particularly if you are a windy destination) then a great tip is to pour the powder into a sock and simply dap it onto the areas where you need it. Genius! 

A small bottle of baby powder will fit easily into a side pocket of a beach bag and is lightweight enough not to be an unnecessary burden. It may seem like an unlikely item to take to the beach, but you really won’t regret it.

It is especially good for toddlers and children who might need dusting down before hometime as it is child friendly and good for their skin. You and your family will go home feeling sun kissed and smelling lovely!

Our Pick: Burt’s Bees Baby Dusting Powder

Water Sports Sand Off Cleaning Mitt

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We love this 7.5oz bottle of Burt’s Bees baby powder because it is 100% free from talc and is made from cornflour and bark powder instead. It is organic and very safe to use on the skin. The bottle also happens to be nice and small so it is the perfect size for traveling! 


Nope, still not going crazy! The humble kitchen ingredient cornstarch really does have a hidden use. It is brilliant at removing sand by wicking moisture away from your skin. Since sand is hydrophilic and loves to attach itself to H2O molecules, you simply need to absorb the moisture in order to dust the grains away.

Cornstarch works in much the same way as baby powder, but it does not have the floral smell and it is entirely organic. It is a great choice for anyone who doesn’t react well to baby powder, or who simply doesn’t happen to have any at home.

Also, some people are fearful about the risks of inhaling talcum powder due to its chemical makeup, so cornstarch is an organic and safe alternative.

Of course, you may not want to go pouring cornstarch all over your legs and feet, so pouring a little into a thin sock or stocking is a way to use this item more effectively.

The cornstarch will soak up the moisture through the fabric and the sand particles can be dusted away easily afterward.

Our Pick: Powder Pouch Sand Remover

Powder Pouch Sand Remover

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We love this Powder Pouch sand remover kit because it comes with a free carrying case and uses only 100% natural cornstarch to soak up moisture.

The pouch is soft and has a bold blue design so you certainly won’t accidentally leave it behind. It is refillable and washable, so you can keep it clean and hygienic after each beach visit. 

Horse Hair Brush

A horse hair brush is soft enough to use on legs and feet without causing itching or irritation. Horse hair is naturally soft and forgiving, which is why it is used on shaving brushes because it is gentle enough not to damage facial skin.

It is also used on shoe brushes as it can clean leather without removing polish or scratching the surface. If you have a horse hair brush at home, make sure it is clean and supple before packing it in your beach bag.

The fine hairs on a horse hair brush are perfect for lifting tiny grains of sand off the skin, and they will also propel them away rather than dragging them along. You can help yourself remove sand more effectively by using short, flicking motions with the brush. 

Our Pick: Valentino Garemi Beach Cleaning Brush

Valentino Garemi Beach Cleaning Brush

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We love this small, shark fin shaped horse hair brush by Valentino. It is just the right size to pop in your beach bag, and the wooden handle is ergonomically designed so that it is comfortable and easy to hold.

The brush comes with a convenient strap so that it can be secured to your beach bag and you will not accidentally lose it. The bristles are soft and friendly on skin, and they are easy to clean and dry after use as well.

Cleaning Mitt

And lastly, if you want something that is seriously lightweight and won’t take up hardly any room in your beach bag, then why not try a sand mitt? There are lots of brands available at very reasonable prices.

Our Pick: Water Sports Sand Off Cleaning Mitt

Water Sports Sand Off Cleaning Mitt

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We particularly love this Sand Off cleaning mitt because the fine fluffy fibers are ideal for picking up and removing annoying sand grains from your skin. The mitt both dries the skin and lifts the sand at the same time, leaving you smooth and comfortable.

It even works on skin that has fake tan and sunscreen on, so you don’t need to worry about removing them first.

The mitt has a mesh back which is lightweight and breathable, and it fits all hand shapes and sizes. The fibers are colorful and fun, and they are very soft on the skin so will not cause irritation.

Best of all, this mitt comes with a carry pouch, so you can fold it away and keep it neat and tidy. This means your sandy mitt won’t get all your other belongings dirty inside your beach bag, and you can wash it easily once you are home. 

Final Thoughts

And there you have it. You never need to feel itchy and uncomfortable on the drive home from the beach again! Pop any one of these simple items in your beach bag and you’ll be prepped for even the sandiest of shorelines.

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