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A Day in St Lucia Cruise Port: The Adventures You’ll Absolutely Love

The island of St Lucia sits in the triangle of islands of Martinique, St Vincent, and  Barbados in the Caribbean sea. The island is home to many activities, including hiking, zip-lining, biking, or simply enjoying the island’s naturally beautiful scenes, and soaking up the sun on one of the many beaches. Whether you are looking for a little fun and adventure, or want to relax, St. Lucia Cruise Port offers something nearby for everyone.

St Lucia Cruise Port
Castries, Saint Lucia

St Lucia has so much to offer its visitors, and the capital town of Castries is the most popular port for cruise ships and the best way to access this beautiful Caribbean island. The island is known for its beaches, the rainforest, and the Pitons. The warm weather and amazing scenery make St. Lucia the ideal cruise stop to stretch your legs and gain a sense of adventure.

St Lucia Cruise Port – Things To Do Nearby

French colonists founded St Lucia in the late 17th century; St Lucia was known as La Perle des Antilles before being claimed by the British in 1814 when it became part of the Windward Islands colony. The island of St Lucia gained her independence from Britain in 1979.

Looking at the map of St Lucia, you will notice that most of the attractions are along the shoreline as the inland is mostly untouched mountainous terrains filled with the natural beauty of rivers, rainforests, and waterfalls.

With so many attractions to see, we have divided them into areas where you can spend time visiting the attraction each area has to offer to get the most out of St Lucia when you’re docked at Castries.

Broken interior walls of the historic Fort Rodney on Pigeon Island in Saint Lucia.

Things To Do In Castries, St Lucia

The port of call for cruise ships, Castries, houses nearly a third of the island’s population. St Lucia’s capital town is a bustle of tourists and locals shopping for fresh produce and handcrafted novelties. It’s the perfect start for your adventure to the rest of the island.

Millet Bird Sanctuary

Located almost 4 miles inland from the main road lies a birdwatcher’s paradise. The park is a protected forest canopy for birds where you can view over 190 species of birds, including five endemic species and the rarest of the birds found on the island.

The National Emblem of St Lucia is St Lucia Parrot, affectionately known to the locals as Jacquot, this bird was one on the brink of extinction, but today with the park’s conservation, the species has risen to over 2,000 birds again.

La Toc Beach

La Toc Beach is just south of Castries and is still fairly unknown to tourists. This picturesque crescent beach, with its clear blue waters lapping the golden powdery beaches, is a haven for snorkeling and spotting a kaleidoscopic array of tropical fish.

Serenity Park

Wanting a quiet, relaxing place to chill for a few hours, quietly sit with your soul mate as you watch the scenery and get a break from the hectic hustle and bustle of tourist attractions. Serenity Park is a quiet little park open for St Lucians and tourists, located next to the San Souci Bridge (without worries) in Castries. 

Things To Do In Soufriere, St Lucia

Previously known as the capital town of St Lucia, the quaint small town of Soufriere is known for its Sulphur smells and hosting the Piton twin volcanoes of Gros Piton and Petit Piton, two dormant volcanoes that jut out of the Caribbean Sea well over 2000 feet each.

Diamond Falls And Botanical Gardens

Enjoy a hike through the Botanical gardens as you get transported into Alice’s wonderland and take in sites of strange, colorful, exotic flowers on your way to the diamond falls and hot bath springs.

Rejuvenate your soul as you watch the waterfall with volcanic graphite water cascading into the still pond below, leaving the face of the waterfall with distinct greens, blue, copper, and pink colors left from the minerals found in the water. 

Carib Beach BarBQ (Zion Lion Farm)

Hidden away, the only access to this paradise beach is by foot or boat. Owner Paul Clifford takes visitors on a tour of his organic farm Zion Lion Farm, where you choose your fruits and vegetables for a meal prepared in traditional clay pots on the beach.

 A short walk to the isolated beach, where the only people you are bound to see are locals and fishermen, awaits a small structure where Paul will use your veggies, fruits, and fresh tuna caught that day, to prepare a delicious local dish for your enjoyment.

Sulphur Springs

Suppose you enjoy lathering yourself up in volcanic mud and letting the healing properties of Mother Nature’s purest minerals seep into your skin. In that case, visiting Sulphur Springs and enjoying a warm mud bath is a definite must. 

Tourists swimming at the Sulphur Springs

If you prefer to stay clean, this is still a fantastic place to visit for the pure eeriness of viewing hot pools of bubbling mud against the backdrop of volcanic rock. This is sure to excite the kids as they experience what’s knick named “the only drive-in volcano.” 

Superman Falls

Located on an 18th-century sugar plantation, you will need a guide to take you to the scene of the movie “Superman 2” (made in 1980), where Superman was filmed getting an exotic flower for Lois Lane at Superman Falls. It is also known as Sapphire Falls.

Much less crowded than Sulphur Springs and Diamond Falls, this guided tour takes you through a hike of gorgeous trails filled with exotic flora and fauna, where you can also enjoy a volcanic mud bath experience.

Anse Mamin

If you are looking for more of a quieter pace, and want to soak in some history while you are in Soufriere, visit the ruins of the 18th-century French colonial Anse Mamin plantation situated in Emerald Farms. 

Emerald Farm produces organic vegetables for the resort’s use, and its 1000 cocoa trees supply the island with its fic of chocolate.

Twin Pitons

If hiking is your love, then taking a hike on the Pitons Volcanic Spires on Soufriere is the adventure for you. The twin iconic Gros Piton (2,530ft) and Petit Piton (2,438ft) are UNESCO world heritage sites that span 7,190 acres in size.

Iconic view of Piton mountains on St Lucia

With the help of a guided tour, anyone without mountain climbing experience can summit Gros Piton within a few hours, without ropes, and enjoy the spectacular views from the second largest mountain in St Lucia. 

You may also want to visit Anse L’Ivrogne as your departure point for your hike. This point is one of the last preserved coves in St Lucia that makes you forget another world is out there.

Things To Do On Gros Islet, St Lucia

North of Castries is the district Gros Islet, recently promoted from a village to a town in 1985, it hosts a few attractions accessible from St Lucia cruise port worth doing with the whole family.

A scenic view of the coastline on Pigeon Island in Saint Lucia.

Pigeon Island, a 44-acre national landmark detailing St Lucia’s history, was once detached from the main island. In 1972 it was joined to the Island at Gros Islet by an artificial causeway made from the dirt excavated from Rodney Bay Marina.

Splash Island Water Park is a fairly new park, opening in 2015 as the first Caribbean water park. Who doesn’t like the thrill of a water park as you splash through pools and slides? Now, imagine a park on the water and the ocean as the pool.

If you want to experience island parties, join the Rodney Bay Jump-up parties as you rub shoulders with locals while enjoying an open-air party on the streets of Rodney Bay and enjoy the street stall that offers amazing island foods.

A couple of beachgoers enjoy a peaceful day on Rodney Bay, St Lucia.

Things To Do In Vieux Fort, St Lucia

About 19 miles south of Castries is the town of Vieux Fort, known for its eco-friendly Marie Islands Nature Reserve just off the coast, and for its strong agricultural and cultural identity.

Sandy Beach

This stretch of beach, with white sands, strong breezes, and plenty of room to enjoy some peace and quiet, awaits you at the southernmost tip of St Lucia.

Sandy Beach is an ideal spot for flying kites with the kids, enjoying a swim, and sunbathing as you relax to the hum of the wind, and the water lapping the shore.

Closing Thoughts

You can explore a lot in a day from the St Lucia cruise port. Whether you are interested in the island’s geographical wonders – the Pitons, waterfalls, and various sulfur pools – or want to relax on a pristine beach, St Lucia is sure to delight the whole family.

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